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Deciding Between An Independent or Franchise Coffee Shop Business

Jun 6, 2008
If opening and operating a coffee shop is in your plans, knowing what your options are can help to make your new business a success, as well as saving you money. Although a coffee shop franchise is generally what people have in mind when they think about starting up their own business, there is an alternative. You can weigh the pros and cons before reaching a final decision.

There are many benefits in dealing with a nationally-known company. The company's name and familiar products are assets when it comes to attracting customers and boosting sales. While this is not a guarantee of success, it can make quite a difference in how quickly and easily your coffee shop draws business. This is because customers prefer to deal with a known quantity rather than an unknown. Another positive aspect of choosing to purchase a franchise is that you will be trained in how to operate it according to the company's policies. While companies differ in the extent and methods of training, buying a franchise will include being provided with information and guidance you need to do well. These are two of the most important benefits to franchising from a nationwide chain.

You may prefer an alternative. Depending on your personal sense of creativity, financial considerations, the your desire to be completely on your own, and other relevant factors, you may decide that a coffee shop business which is not connected to a chain would be better for you. However, even if you feel that you do not need to rely on a popular company's reputation and guidance, or if you are considering this option because you cannot reasonably afford a franchise, it is in your best interests to have all of the facts in hand before you reach a decision.

While it is true that opening your coffee shop business on your own would mean you do not have to adhere to a company's policies regarding products, store design, you may not wish to give up the benefits of dealing with a widely-recognized company for the sake of creativity. The difference can be as significant as having a thriving business with a high volume of sales and customers, or having a shop which looks very nice but does not result in profits.

An independent coffee shop business is not necessarily a recipe for disaster, but it does lack the important edge you would have from dealing with a company which offers franchises. Whether you are considering it because you want your business to be completely on your own terms, or whether you believe you can do well on your own without the financial investment in a franchise, it is not as easy to start your own business without the backup of a major company as you may think.

While it is not impossible to be successful with your own coffee shop business, you must have a clear view of what you can expect with this method. If you decide that an independent business is what you want, you can strike out on your own without striking out.
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