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IT Project Management As A Career Choice

Jun 6, 2008
IT has never been more important or more interesting to owners and career seekers than the profession of project management. Project management is the science of efficiency and accuracy as applied to how to get things done. IT is important in such diverse fields as IT, construction project management, sales, and almost any business you can think of.

A main resource for the development of project management methods and patterns, particularly those in IT project management, is the Project Management Institute (PMI). This is the most major certifying body for project management professionals through which all training data and methodology passes.

The single most important reference for any project management professional is the Bible of project management called "PMBOK", published by PMI. IT should be owned and a must-read for any manager or company executive. IT is constantly updated to include the latest in business methods, ethics, standards and new technologies.

IT professionals concentrating in project management, should have real world experience with the processes/problems and software/hardware issues peculiar to IT. Besides PMBOK, specialized training may also be required. Software design projects entail many specific differences, but the basics will apply to any enterprise, whether building a shopping mall or opening a new fast food chain.

In its simplest terms, project management defines a project's goals, scope, and time by identifying the components of each process and assessing risk at each step. Project managers need to make out a budget and a schedule, ensure availability of personnel and resources, write up contracts with external suppliers, manage risks, know the relevant laws and regulations, and take care of any other details required for a project's successful completion. During the project, the manager must issue periodic progress reports and correct any problems that arise. A final evaluation is made at the project's end.

Luckily, today's project management software has made the entire process of beginning and executing projects much easier, even incorporating specialized programs for certain industries. One upside to a certified and qualified project manager is the assistance a company receives in buying and using the optimum management software for specific needs. Project management is a profitable career choice for someone selecting their life's direction or for those itching for a change. There is a far greater need for project managers than there is a supply of them.

Project management has never been such an active or promising career field before. The Project Management Institute is the main source of project management techniques and standards. IT publishes the PMBOK, the most important reference in project management. Managers in specialized areas, such as IT project management or construction project management, will need additional training and expertise in their fields. Project managers define the time, scope, and goals of any project by identifying its parts and assessing risks. Software has made a project manager's job much easier recently. The demand for project managers exceeds the supply.
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