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Jun 6, 2008
20% of the World's Imports and Exports are conducted through Europe making them the largest area of trade worldwide. Whether your transaction is for business or a personal matter, you will have no difficulty in finding an international shipping company to transport your goods into Europe.

There are numerous ports of entry to choose from, so it would be advisable to select which area will be the most accessible for you and your needs before making any further decisions. By doing a search online you can furnish yourself with a summary of all listed European Ports, as well as being able to select your international shipping company to do the transportation for you.

When making your selection of shipping agent, see if they can offer satisfactory answers to the following questions:

* Most importantly: Do they travel to your required destination?
* Do they offer cost effective service?
* Are they a reputable company with a commendable track record?
* Can they offer references to prove this?
* Can they deliver your shipment on or close to the prescribed date?

Your international shipping company will more than likely transport mainly by air or sea, and in some cases by land. Expenses vary according to all modes of transport so be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of each.

Each country has its own list of regulations for you to follow, and customs control will require its own set of documentation upon entry. Your international shipping company can provide you with this information, but it might be better to consult the customs official at your chosen port of entry directly. They will be able to offer you the most precise and up to date facts and figures.

To begin with, make sure you can provide details on the following:

* Specifics on shipment. Some items may have to have been certified as safe to be transported in their country of origin, if they are permitted at all
* You will need the sender's details as well as details of the shipment's destination
* Details of your chosen international shipping company
* Estimated date of shipping
* A valid passport for identification purposes

With the basics in hand, the steps that follow to more specific requirements will seem all the more closer.

Shipping to Europe is by and large a pricey undertaking.

Fees and duties you should be aware of:

* Customs charge specific duties for different items. Consult the officials in your designated port to ascertain what you are liable for on entry
* Taxes will be applicable
* You will be accountable for shipping and handling costs from your international shipping company
* Extra surcharges might get added onto your bill.

Be careful not to overlook this as it could amount to more than expected. You will probably find that your international shipping company adds on a surcharge for fuel, but often there are many other hidden costs that are not brought to the client's attention. On the positive side, these fees are more often than not, negotiable.
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