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Secrets To Bigger List Profits

Jun 6, 2008
Smart online marketers know that your email list contains big money.

Ever hear that before? Online direct marketers know the key to big money is to build a big, responsive list. Then to "monetize" the list for maximum profits.

The question is... "How?"

I'll share with you a proven strategy for making maximum money from your email list. Before we get going, it's crucial for you to understand the mindset of the typical person who joins an email list.

People who join email lists do so because they believe they will get valuable info. You need to contact them consistently. Also, they don't mind sales messages as long as you don't bombard them with those.

Join an autoresponder service so you can keep in contact with the folks on your list. Send them an electronic newsletter about the topic they are interested in. A couple of times a week email them offers you feel good about.

Your ezine should go out every week. You can add ezine messages to your autoresponder for a full year on a weekly basis. Pack these weekly ezines with valuable info.

However, you don't make any money by contacting your list with just good info. You make your money by strategically working sales offers into your contact mix.

I like sending out two or three sales offers throughout the week. These offers are sent in broadcast emails. I write an email about a particular product or service. I include my affiliate or direct link to the website sales page for the product. The email is sent right away using the broadcast feature of my autoresponder service.

If you don't have your own product then promote affiliate products. Pick at least ten affiliate products you like. For each product, send out two or three emails during the same week.

Then do the same thing with the second affiliate product. Repeat this process until you go through all of them.

Once you run through the affiliate product promotions see which ones were best sellers. Take the two or three you got the most sales from and use those to create your own version of them. Of course, this is easiest to do with information type products like ebooks.

It won't take long before you develop a few products of your own. Ones that are proven to sell. Then you start promoting those products to your list in place of the affiliate products.

Keep track of sales. Because before long you'll notice that one of those products you created is bringing in lots of sales. Take that product and create a high priced tele-coaching program.

If you want to, you can just skip to creating the high priced product. Just take the same two or three best selling affiliate products and create a coaching program or high priced info product.

Repeat this process and you'll maximize your list profits guaranteed.
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