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What Makes A Good Online Business Directory?

Jun 6, 2008
The internet is brimming with web directories. These web directories belong to different subject matters, such as articles, business, web hosting, ebooks - the list goes on. For the most part, these web directories do what they are supposed to do. They provide a single online location to find various listings providing links to different sites on the internet. Their primary objective is to direct the readers to the exact thing they are looking for.

A business directory provides a comprehensive list of businesses, which generally includes both online and offline businesses with hosted websites. Business directories are mostly useful for other businesses, when they are looking for services and products not available through their own business. But, even direct consumers find business directories to be useful, especially when they prefer to make direct online purchases from the most suitable seller.

There are several standards and guidelines pertaining to the presentation of business directories. If they are to be informative and useful for anyone, they should be available in a convenient form. There are no imposed standards on how a web business directory must be presented, but certain qualities are generally expected in them.

Organisation - A well-organised online business directory is easy for anyone to use. It must be categorised accordingly, showing main and sub classifications. Simple and user-friendly navigation, with properly categorised links in each section, is also necessary. A summarised, clean layout is also a sign of a good online business directory.

Content Updates - Of course, organisation is not all - the content which is easy to find because the directory is well-organised must be up to date and worth finding. There are new businesses and their websites popping up on the net every day, so the directory must be constantly updated.

PageRank - Google and other search engines provide web pages with ranks. These ranks are based on how popular a page is. While it's different from the search engine's organic results, having a high PageRank boosts the site's ability drive traffic through its links.

Keyword Selection - Choosing the right keywords is crucial. After all, you want to direct people to specific businesses that they are looking for, and for this, if the keywords selected are not just right, the directory will fail in its purpose. Just a list of links is not what the user wants, the user wants relevant links.

These key attributes can help anyone decide if an online business directory is good and efficient. Choosing the best quality directory is easier this way, whether you want to find a business reliably or post your own links.
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