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Writing A Hot Internet Marketing Screenplay in 3 Easy Steps

Jun 6, 2008
The content that you write in any article can significantly boost your web visibility and increase your page rank. You can write great content that will drive up the amount of visitors to your site, or you can write boring content that no one cares about.

Blogs have created a firestorm of links, which in turn makes it a lot easier to optimize your web site. However, it's important to customize your content so that you can gain the highest number of links for your Internet marketing campaign. Link popularity is one of the most important factors in internet marketing success and one of te most difficult to achieve.

Be A Bleeding-Edger

Cutting-edge people are on the forefront of news and fashion, and bleeding-edge people are beyond the forefront. You can be a bleeding-edge writer by choosing a provocative, very new topic and writing extensively on it. It's even better if the topic relates to your business or company. This is a great Internet marketing tool.

Ideas that are controversial work even better, because you will encounter a firestorm of opinions. Controversy, flourishes in blogs, get commented on, get shared, bookmarked, referred around the world. This works really well through viral marketing and social network.

Also, bring your own writer's voice to the table. If you can provide a different perspective to this hot topic, then you will surely gain a whole lot of links. Just remember, keep in interesting. Write provocative material.

Create A Stir

If you can create mayhem simply by stating an opinion in your article, you will earn a massive amount of links. This has been employed by many different media outlets for years. The more provocative and controversial, the more people will pay attention to this type of Internet marketing. This is simply a rule of thumb you can follow that will lead you to more links.

In addition, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you can find a controversial photo, that's even better. The value is enhanced especially if that photo is related to your online business. Remember, the more provocative you can get, the better.

When you engage your audience, you in fact make pay attention to you beyond the 10 second traditional attention span.

Establish A Dialogue

Start by engaging in valuable discourse about a particular topic of interest. It is valuable to engage in these conversations because it increases your online presence. It is especially valuable because you can entrench yourself in an online community, which will bring you a wealth of links. Make sure you focus your dialogue on what is relevant to your site.

This will focus the conversation on terms that work well for your business. Also, these dialogues are a great way to make a prototype for your online marketing campaign. These dialogues are very valuable, because you can also make a whole bunch of new online friends when you participate in these conversations. Remember, the most important thing is to generate articles that can encourage people to link to them.
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