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Take A Leap To Success By Being Playful.

Jun 6, 2008
What do you hear yourself saying you want to do or have? Are these the same things you've thought of many times previously? They may be related to business, career, relationship or personal life. Do you find yourself getting so far and then being stopped? Many things may stop you but number one is 'you'.

Although you can choose to analyze what this is, think about it and try to understand why, this isn't usually effective and generally keeps you stuck. What is clear is that something is preventing you from having what you want. It may be a single block or it may be a number of things all rolled into one. There are numerous types of blocks such as lack of clarity, direction or confidence. Others may be your beliefs, your lack of resources and action or even fear of success.

These blocks not only stop us from doing or having what we want, they can also consume an even larger amount of time and energy. Perhaps you think about them quite a bit and worry why you have them. The tendency is to think the block stopping you is too large and would require superhuman effort from you to overcome it. When we feel it's too big to handle, we tend not to do anything about it. So the block stays there and you feel frustrated you're not moving ahead as fast as you want.

Perhaps you want to write a book and you may feel blocked about writing, even putting pen to paper. Perhaps you want to stand in front of people and speak or do presentations and this block may represent a lack of confidence. Perhaps you want promotion in your job and your block is your lack of managerial or leadership skills. Whatever it is, there is an easy way to go beyond it.

We tend to be so obsessed with waiting till we know the perfect course of action that we never move beyond this point. We believe if we think about it sufficiently we'll be sure we know what we need to do. The difficulty with this approach is that we use a lot of time and energy thinking, and still don't get to the point of decision.

All the thinking in the world doesn't replace the knowledge you gain from actually doing something. Only then will you know whether something works and is right for you. Instead of thinking about the block, what causes it and why you haven't overcome it, allow yourself to have some fun as you play with and experiment with ideas and who you need to be.

Imagine what it would be like to keep moving forward instead of getting so far and stopping. Let your particular obstacle be something you're going to play with. Choose to experiment each week with a new idea, a different approach, even an outrageous one. The key is to keep taking action and playing rather than be bogged down and achieving nothing. Blocks usually stop people dead in their tracks and you have to keep moving and not allow it to stop you.

Imagine a pile of children's building blocks and take one piece at a time to play with. One day it may be a middle brick you play with which causes half the pile to fall down. You never know which piece will really make the difference.

Instead of looking at all these things and trying to think your way through them, you need to keep playing. Focus only on the part that is unfolding now; don't rush ahead in your mind and try to work out what may be needed or what obstacle may come up next. Be in the moment. As we rush ahead in our mind, more obstacles may come up and again this may stop you. You don't need to understand it - just stay with it.

What I want for you is to play, experiment and stay with whatever stands in your way.
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