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Duties and Qualifications of Substation Electricians

Jun 6, 2008
Being an electrician is no easy job. It requires very tedious and long training. Undergoing training for electricians takes about three to four years. They are professionals that work and deal with electrical devices and equipment. There are several specializations for electricians, including substation electrician. Duties of Substation Electricians

These guys are the ones in charger of constructing and maintaining electrical substations. It is their job to install and maintain a lot of things including electric relay devices, control cables, high-voltage cables, communication equipment, power transformers, and station batteries. But a substation electrician doesn't just deal with just these set of equipment but all those that are required by the electrical substation.

They also work with high-energy lines and equipment. This kind of electrician has to be physically fit and must endure extreme weather conditions since most of their work is done outdoors. They also must strictly follow safety precautions, rules, and procedures and apply the basic things they learned during their training. QualificationsThere are some qualifications for substation electricians. They must have at least satisfactory results from their training program. They must know the basics of electrical theory too. Four years of apprenticeship or work experience is work related to power plant operation, substation operation, or any related work.

They must know how to install, maintain, and operate basic and common substation equipment. They also must know the how the electrical industry works and be aware of the safety rules and operating practices of substations.

Of course all this would mean a lot less if the electrician did not have the means to express him or herself. Hence excellent communication skills are an advantage. And since several people depend on his performance, it is also important that the engineer exhibits good leadership skills to go along with the rest of the package.
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