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The Basics of Fundraising

Jun 6, 2008
Fundraising is the process of soliciting and collecting money from various sources. Gifts-in kind may also take the place of money. Fundraising is done by various organizations, whether non-profit or otherwise. Nonprofit organization - A nonprofit organization is an organization advocating certain non-commercial issues which may be of public or private concern. These issues may be related to arts, healthcare, music, environment, religion and other more. It works towards its objectives without earning money for its own gain. A charitable organization is an example of a nonprofit organization.

Political campaigns - An organization creating political campaigns has concerns and objectives related to politics. It may hold fundraising events to support or refute certain political policies. It may also work towards supporting a particular political party in its endeavors. Religious organization - A religious organization engages in fundraising for the purpose of evangelism. It may also solicit and gather money to fund its programs related to social and religious issues.

A charitable organization is a common example of a nonprofit organization. Certain nonprofit organizations also include religious organizations. Religious organizations do a lot of fundraising for various causes as well, whether for the underprivileged or people who are sick. Sometimes, religious organizations solicit money in order for them to fund their evangelism efforts, as well as other social causes that they support.

Professional fundraiser - A professional fundraiser is an organization which holds fundraising events as a business. An organization or company may hire or consult a professional fundraiser to help it with its fundraising campaigns or events. They may have an agreement as to the income the professional fundraiser gets. This may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the accumulated funds. When engaging in fundraising, you may target various sources of your donations. The following are two types of these fundraising donors:

Individuals - Various individuals may be part of your target market depending on the kind of fundraising campaign you plan to hold. In most cases, you may solicit from wealthy people who have extra money to spare.

Political groups that raise funds, on the other hand, are those that raise money in order to finance their political campaigns and the endeavors of the political parties that they support. Many political organizations work on supporting or refuting certain political policies, and they need funds in order to be able to do this.

Whatever a fundraising is for, and whichever kind of organization undertakes it, the success of a fundraising campaign depends on its planning stage. If you wish to learn how to plan a campaign effectively and properly, there are many online sources for this. Many of these sites will also give you ideas on what type of fundraising event to choose for your cause.
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The success of your fundraising program depends on how well you plan it.
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