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How To Get One Way Links In The Next 7 Minutes

Jun 6, 2008
Now there are many methods to get one way links. You can find new methods yourself just by exploring the Internet. Check out any website that allows you in some way or another to add your link without having to link back.

Not very common methods include submitting your website to awards sites. These are sites that accept website submissions, then they award the website with the best web design, the best content and so on. Then give the winner a badge, a star or something like that. But they also link to that website from their awards page.

With a bit of research you can find many other methods.

The method I enjoy is forum submission. First of all you are not just submitting the same website information like you do with directory submission. You are replying to a forum post, a discussion, so it is interesting.

You can find forums related to your website, and you are getting one way links while chatting more or less. Here is the proper way to do it.

First of all you join a forum. They send you confirmation email, so you have to check your email and visit the link in that email. It is easy. Next login, and find the profile page, usually called profile, settings, control panel or something like that. You do not need to fill in all the information, but just the signature box. In that box, enter maximum one domain.

I do not suggest you put more than one domain, or else you may look like a spammer.

Always include a keyword in the anchor text. So you create a text link, the keyword that links to your domain name. You cannot input html code in this box, but special code. Next to this box, there is information on how to add a link, it is called BBC code sometimes.

Basically you click that and follow instructions, there is how to make bold, italics, underline and many other fonts and styles. However you are only interested on how to make a link.

Then click submit to save your profile, find a post you can reply to and make your reply.

Make sure the signature appears under your post. This appears automatically. While posting you should see a link to Advanced Options somewhere. You can click that and see other options, one allows you to add signature to your post.

You can also go to your profile again and edit settings there, but usually this is not required, since by default most forums automatically add your signature to posts.

You just got a one way links from this forum. This is more powerful than a link from a directory. That does not mean you ignore directory submissions. Treat it as another method you can use, when you wish, but forum submissions is much better, so you can simple do only that.

A link from a forum, is better because it is in between content. Links inside an article or any content is better than a link from a page with no content at all.

Once you have replied to a post, it is time to join another forum. You want backlinks from unique websites, it is more powerful. However bookmark the forums, because within a month or two you need to repost a message, and always make a decent and useful post.

Not a one line post. Pick a post where a member posted a question, and if you can reply to that and help him. So you are not just posting for a link, helping not spamming.

You need to repost, or else administrator of forums simple thinks you are spamming, if you only posted once in two months.

So remember you want one way links to improve search engine rankings, so make sure you implement one of the several methods, forum submission is one of them. Do it regularly and daily, get the same number of links everyday approximately, so it all looks natural to the search engines.
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