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How You Can Use Articles to Generate Leads For Your Work From Home Business/ Network Marketing?

Jun 6, 2008
None of us can ever have enough leads for our business. If you are standing still you are going backwards in your work from home business. We are going to discuss using articles on the internet to generate more leads for your business as a medium to long term traffic generation strategy.

If you do not like to write or do not have time to write, you can always hire an article/ghostwriter to do it for you. There are many ghostwriters who can just to that for you for a fee. There a plenty of these ghostwriters around in the internet.

Whether you write them or buy them an article offers you a great way to get traffic to your website. That traffic can turn into a lead, a customer, or even a new distributor for your downline.

The big key to writing articles is to make them informative and not just a long sales letter. Understand that people go online for information. Once you understand what they are looking for as it relates to your work from home business then you can write articles around that theme.

Over a period of time you will become an expert that people trust. You still have not written one sales ad. Just information articles on various keyword themes such as earn money online, how to start a work from home business, why network marketing, and so on.

How does this generate leads for you?

With every article you are allowed to create a resource box. This is a chance for you to tell a little about yourself and then give your website address for more information. Writing a good resource box that offers a little bit of excitement is as important as the article itself.

A boring resource box will not get you a click on your url address. Put yourself in the position of the reader and think about what would make you want to click on a url after you read an article.

One thing you can do is go to one of the article directories and read a few articles that are similar to what you are going to write about. You do this to help come up with ideas to write about, and you can view the author's resource box to get ideas for your own.

The other thing is getting your articles read. You can use some services to submit your articles to directories or you can do it yourself. Targeting quality article directories is the key to having a chance to get your articles read.

There are literally thousands of article directories so do not be afraid to submit to any of your favorites.

Article marketing is a free way to get traffic to your website and to get leads for your business. Use it as a part of your overall marketing strategy and you will have a long term solution to the problem of finding prospects for your work from home business.
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