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How To Make Link Exchanges Like An Expert

Jun 6, 2008
First of all you want to make it as easy as possible for webmasters to exchange links with your website.

Give the what they expect. The expect a decent links page. Some prefer that you have a maximum of thirty five or forty links per page. So putting thirty five links per page is acceptable. You need to have categories and sub categories, so when webmasters visit your website they know you already have a place where you can put their link.

Link to your links page from your homepage. Follow those guidelines or else many webmasters will simple not request a link exchange or disapprove your link if you request one. So ask yourself the question, are you loosing link exchange partners everyday?

Most webmasters do not like to open up their email and send you a link exchange requests, for several reasons. An email address attracts spam no link exchange requests, even though you should place one it is not enough. So put a link exchange submission form, and link to it from every page of your link directory, so wherever they are on your directory they can easily add their website.

You need to notify your link exchange partners with the location where you placed your link.

Let us say you emailed a webmasters and he added your link to your website. You then asked for his link details and added his website. It is not yet finished, you need to reply again and tell him the location you placed your link.

Do not forget, it is the most important message. Webmasters are all busy, and they do not receive only your email. So they might forget they did a link exchange, and then when they check days later, simple delete your link. Rest assured most will not visit your website and try to look for their link. You need to treat them in the best possible ways.

Are you saving your email contacts?

If in the past month you received a hundred link exchange requests by email. Did you simple delete those messages once the link exchange was completed? I hope not, because if you create a new website, you just lost a potential hundred link exchanges. Store those email address, in some way or another.

Are you using some automated tool?

Most webmasters waste time, which could have been used better. They still use ftp software to add link partners. When you have enough money to invest, there are many tools that allow you to add link partners in five seconds, from your web browser itself. You do not even need a software.

Are you saving the location the link partners placed your link?

Remember that you need to check every two months approximately, and make sure all your link exchange partners are still linking back. If they are not it is no longer a link exchange, so you can delete their link from your links page.

Keep record of this important information always. Once again there are tools that do this easily for you as well. Look for that tool that provides many tools in one, including the most important features like adding links, categories, subcategories and saving link exchange partners location.

Making these simple tweaks will greatly increase the number of link exchange requests you receive. Treat your link partners like you want them to treat you. Never reject a link exchange as long as there is a solid reason behind it.
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