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Not Very Common SEO Mistakes Exposed

Jun 6, 2008
To succeed in search engine optimization you must do the right things, but do them right as well. So let us start with not so common mistake number one.

Bad Linking.

Not linking to your linkspage using a text link. Many webmasters link to their linkspage, resources page or whatever you want to call it within a drop down menu, or using an image that links to the page.

Spiders cannot read through images and will not use the drop down menu to see what links it has. They read html source code, so those links will be ignored. Means also they will not get indexed.

Creating several folders and webpages.

That is another mistake and it is confusing both for your visitors and search engines. Probably even for you. Create one folder called articles and put in all article pages, create one folder called images and put in all images inside. Everything organized is the key.

Internal linking mistakes.

You have to decide, and I give you the best option. Either you are going to link to your website pages using the www or never using it at all. The best option is to use the www so never use the other option.

Spiders treat them as two different domains, and you do not want that to happen ever. So even when getting backlinks make sure you use always the same prefix. Google sitemaps, which are tools for webmasters doing seo, has a feature regarding this thing. Use it.

Fixing problems.

The mistake results in waste of time. You read several forums, articles every day and you go fixing your mistakes. It is wrong, you cannot go fix every article you submitted to make the anchor text in the link something new.

Whatever you learn, you apply the next time. You cannot waste so much time. Assuming you are not doing something that can cause your website to get banned this applies to you. So please fix of course, if you are doing keyword stuffing or other really bad things.

Blak Hat.

If you never heard that term, you are lucky. Almost all new webmasters who want to start seo fall in this trap. Black hat are strategies, tactics, software and so forth that try to cheat the search engines, in order to get top rankings. You cannot do that. Bad things can happen if you try it. Not only you can waste time trying but also money. Black hat software are very expensive.

The salespage can be full of hype of course since the promise is great. It attracts lots of visitors. Do not fall victim to blak hat seo.

Creating an introduction for your website that you have to click on skip to proceed or wait some 5 minutes.

Ok, you like it probably, but search engines do not like to see a flash or video presentation of your website. First of all they cannot see what you see, because they only look at your html code. Spiders simple see nothing. So basically you have a problem, and to solve it you have to remove the presentation completely. They want your content, your images and your text links on your homepage.

Too many code.

If your website requires users to install plug ins, try to avoid that. If you have too many visitors counters, too many javascripts code, popups, popunders and other code on your website avoid it. Spiders want content, not code. Code confuses them. Use minimum required only.

If you notice, what converts your visitors into customers is also appreciated by search engine spiders. What your visitors hate even spiders hate. Your customers are the search engine customers as well. What you do to please spiders you are doing to please your visitors. In other words spiders are helping you create a website that your visitors will enjoy, because they will benefit from that.

So next time, think about these things, apply some of these and you start moving forward in the right direction.
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