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Why You Should Use Customer Services Training

Jun 6, 2008
It has to be said that there is a lot of Xenophobia in the UK and much of this is directed at our transatlantic brothers. The Americans tend to receive an inordinate number of jibes from us Brits who like to mock the fact that reputedly only 7% of all Americans hold a passport. This is quite a shocking fact and it is no wonder that the Americans sometimes get accused of being insular.

However I have of late been pondering this criticism and thinking about whether or not it is valid and why it bothers us Brits so much. I have come to conclude that we are actually slightly jealous. We are always clamouring to get away from our rain drenched isle for sunnier climes yet the USA has it all. When we travel we see new things and learn about new cultures.

We are always shocked and thrilled when we find a place that offers good customer service and treat it like some obscure benefit that does not occur in the UK. I think that perhaps part of the reason that the Americans are so patriotic is that they are so kind and welcoming to one another that there is little reason for them to go elsewhere. Could this perhaps be as a result of the excellent levels of customer service and common courtesy that occur across America?

Customer service is designed to increase the levels of satisfaction a company achieves from its customers. It is an effort to ensure that the customer feels that the product or service that they have spent money on has met their expectations. It is considered a vital component of the service industry as a good level of customer service will often differentiate the business from others and encourage an increased level of custom. The UK seems to suffer in terms of customer service. I

n comparison to the standard level of customer service in the States the standards in the UK are poor. As a result any company that do operate good customer service policies tend to be extremely successful.

Customer service training provides an improved level of customer service through a few simple techniques. Course that teach people about how to improve their levels of customer service can prove to be a valuable investment with the benefits of excellent levels of customer service almost always resulting in an increased revenue for the company. Training is often catered to specifically work with the needs of the people that they train.

This means that people in the restaurant and catering industry can have training that is specific to them. Many training providers will also offer a bespoke service in which they come to your workplace evaluate the members of staff, locate issues and address these issues through training. These bespoke training providers can transform the success of a business rapidly and although they are sometimes expensive they can prove to be very valuable.

Customer service training often appears to be daunting with people that are embarking on a course fearful of the amount of written work that might be involved in the process. The most positive aspect of customer service training is that it is a very practical course that requires involvement from the people that attend. As a result it is directly relevant to what the people need to know and does not require lengthy academic study.
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