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Write Press Releases For Backlinks

Jun 6, 2008
One of your most important goals as a search engine optimizer is to get a lot of backlinks.

Press releases are just another very effective method to get one way links. If you sell an affiliate product you still can write press releases. You just have to think a bit more to come up with a story. That is the reason behind a press release. An article teaches, a press releases shares a story.

You can hire a ghostwriter to write your press releases, which you may want to write one every week or every month. Depends on your situation.

There are also specialized writers or services that only writer press releases. A ghostwriter may be cheaper but he or she may not be highly specialized in writing press releases. A specialized writer provides your press release with more benefits. The better written the more backlinks you can expect to get.

Once your press release is written by you if you learn how to do it, by a ghostwriter or a specialized writer you need to submit it.

There are software and even services to help you distribute your press release. Basically these submit it to press release directories. These are similar to article directories. There are also forums that accepts press releases. These forums unlike others do not have discussions but simple several sub forums with different categories and press releases.

The services submit also to places like newspapers, journalists and media. You get a lot more exposure. Not all services are equal. Some submit to a thousand directories while others do something different. So you need to make a bit of research to find the best deal.

Then stick with it and keep submitting your press releases week after week or month after month. You can even write a press release every day but that requires either a big budget to pay to writers or else a very creative mind.

Remember your press release needs to be written properly otherwise it will not be accepted.

The better written it is, the more backlinks and traffic you get.

So press releases should be used more or less like articles to get a lot of powerful one way links. These are obviously more powerful than links from directories. Backlinks from content
websites are better than those from sites with no content, but just a bunch of links.

So as a search engine optimizer aim to start implementing this strategy to get backlinks and to outrank your competitors. When you need backlinks, now you know what you can do.

Remember also you cannot spin your press release just like some webmasters do with articles. You need to submit the exact press release to all directories or the story looses value, you may ruin everything by spinning.

Spinning is when you pick up an article or come content and re write it in some way or another.

Press releases also provide you with a lot of traffic if it is written very well. It will spread like a virus on the Internet but it depends again how well written it is.

You can also put the press releases on your website. Create a new page, and put all of them on that page. This is content for your site or blog.
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