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How To Give Search Engines What They Want

Jun 6, 2008
Do you ever ask this question? What do search engines want?

Here is why it is important to know what Google wants. First of all make friends with search engines and never ever try to cheat them.

The answer to get better rankings is simple give search engines what they want. Now I mentioned Google, because most of the time it is better to focus on get rankings in Google.

If you give search engines what they want, they reward you. They usually want to give their customers, who are the people using the search engines, the most accurate results and please them in every way.

It means you need to create a decent website as well. See what your customers want exactly and give them that on your website. If they want to learn create some articles, not just sell them a bunch of affiliate products.

You make more money, by pleasing your visitors and at the same time you are pleasing search engines. They love it because thanks to your amazing website they can provide their customers with great search engine results. That is how they reward you of course, by improve your rankings.

That is just one factor to improve search engine rankings. However I did not say, do that only and you get top rankings.

The saying, content is king on the Internet has a lot to do with this too. Most often search engines want content, because most people are looking for content. If the majority of people used the Internet to find videos, then probably the saying would be, videos are king on the Internet, and probably search engines would love websites with videos not content.

That is the reason why adding content is important. It does not mean you flood your site and homepage with content. You can add content by creating a blog, a section for articles, a forum, hire ghostwriters from freelancing websites, swap articles with other webmasters, hire someone to write articles on your blog and many other methods.

We internet marketers certainly do not create content because we love to write. We prefer playing tennis, golf or watching TV, but we do it to please our visitors and the search engines.

Many webmasters heard the so called duplicate content theory. Basically this created panic. The only people who remained getting results and improving their business, are those that have experience and ignored this theory. Simple because there is a new theory all the time, and in most cases it is just theory, but on forums they spread like wildfire, and new webmasters are the first to make sure they avoid this new epidemic.

You just have to research and discuss the theory with honest webmasters who have lots of experience and contacts, who can easily tell you if it is a myth, or if maybe the theory is genuine

Test results show that even if there is an exact same article like yours on a thousand different websites, your site, page or anything else will not get banned. Your rankings will not drop. If you want to place an article from another website on to yours, it is a good idea however to give credit to that website, by placing a link to it.

So remember to give search engines what they want, become their friends and see what they are up to so they reward you with better search engine rankings.
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