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Self Defense Pepper Spray - Why To Use Pepper Sprays

Jun 6, 2008
It is always difficult to choose the best way to protect oneself. A person who lives in a dangerous neighborhood has a different need in terms of protection than someone who is heading into the woods for some hunting.

As such, there are different protective measures that are required for different scenarios.

It is a very natural feeling to want to defend our things, our loved ones and ourselves when a dangerous situation arises for instance, when a woman is attacked during the night while walking back home from the gym or any other place for that matter.

What most people would immediately recommend is to change the schedule and avoid going to such place during the night. Changing schedules might be possible for some people however, for others it isn't.

Some people will obviously want to protect themselves and overcome their fears instead of living with a constant preoccupation of the many dangers of the world.

When people take action to protect themselves against other humans it is very common to hear that an individual who wants to protect himself/herself will end up signing up to attend personal defense classes. This is always great knowledge to have but most would prefer not to get physical and avoid any type of violence.

Pepper sprays on the other hand present a solution that is suitable for everyone.

Pepper spray is a common substance which is used for self-defense purposes. It can be used against animals and humans if they become violent, aggressive or become a threat. The main active ingredient found in pepper spray is called "oleoresin capsicum" -- this chemical is often linked to chile peppers, chile is not to be confused with chili peppers which are a mixture of spices, meat, tomatoes, beans, etc.

Pepper sprays work like ordinary aerosols, but have a slightly wider area of effect. This is an extremely potent defense as it has instant effects on the attacker without being lethal or having any permanent effects.

Pepper sprays are so effective due to the extremely high 'heat' ratings. The Scoville scale places the hottest Chile, the habanero, at 300,000 units, while a pepper sprays is somewhere between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000 units.

Once it is used against a person or an animal it acts as an inflammatory agent that when in contact with the nose, eyes, lungs and other parts of the persons body it causes immediate capillary dilation.

In most states pepper spray is not considered a lethal weapon however, in other parts of the US such as Massachusetts you do need a fire arms ID card if you want to have this personal protection item. Pepper spray is mostly used by women because it is a very convenient object to carry inside a purse and can effectively stop an attacker in his tracks.
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