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Safety Tips On How To Use A Stun Gun

Jun 6, 2008
Stun guns offer in themselves an excellent form of non-lethal protection from increasingly common crime. However, this great source of security can actually result in greater trouble if one does not use it correctly.

Two metal prongs connected to the stun gun are used to transfer a strong electric charge drawn from a battery in the tens of thousands of volts range to the attacker. This temporarily disables the attacker by breaking down the nervous system and preventing messages from the muscles and the brain from reaching each other.

Important points to remember when using a stun gun:

Do not rush when handling the gun, and hold it steadily before you exit the vehicle or place of shelter.

You should turn on the gun before you exit the vehicle, but do not touch the trigger until you are ready.

Do not hold the stun gun close to you, but hold it out steadily. Brandishing it in the air can be dangerous as even a small touch can disable you.

To disable the attacker quickly, target the shoulder and hip areas as it paralyzes the limbs, preventing a possibly dangerous retaliation.

Do not 'stab' with the gun, but rather keep it in contact with the attacker until he/she is completely disabled.

To ensure that the stun gun is in good working order, test it frequently.

Keep a set of extra batteries (fully charged) in your car or some other easily accessible area.

Make sure that it is legal to carry a stun gun in your city or state by asking a local law enforcement official.

To make sure that all residual charge on the prongs is removed after each use, turn the stun gun off, and touch something made of metal with it.

The stun gun must be kept in safe case or covering to prevent any charge from leaking.
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