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How You Can Go About Finding The Best Conference Venues

Jun 6, 2008
Conference venues can be a nightmare to source simply because there are many factors that need to be organised to achieve a great effect. Finding conference venues is easy but can they match all your requirements. Doing it yourself will mean you have complete control, however, that does come with stress and pressure to find the right venue.

Coming to a venue finding agency would be most people's choice simply because they can offer a free venue finding service, quick responses, colour proposals with multiple venue options. There are many facilities and services that a venue finding agency will claim to offer. This is the same with conference venues, it can be quite confusing because many of the venues offer the same facilities and services but may call them slightly different names.

Finding the right location to hold a conference can be key to the conferences success. This is a major decision, however, and can be very stressful. You need to have a location that has easy access from a range of transport options. Don't make life hard for anyone attending the conference!

The next thing is you have to try and pick a date where availability will be high. This would be most weekdays. Do not choose a date where a major event such as the Olympics are taking place as there will be minimal availability in hotels and conference venues. The most popular day to hold an event is a Thursday; this is because people like having the start of the week to get settled after the weekend.

The next big decision is your budget. If you go with a venue finder they will need to know how much you have to spend on the event. Venue finders will try to stick to your requirements as closely as possible but having a small budget may make life harder for the venue finder and for yourself. You need to be realistic on what conference venue you can book at with the budget you set.

Another important factor that you need to work out if you need is what facilities you require the venue to have. For example air conditioning, most venues have this ready for use anyway but some may not so its always worth asking just in case. Then, is there natural daylight in the room? Nobody likes being in a conference where there is no daylight they will feel as if they're boxed in and then their input into the conference diminishes.

Does the conference area offer any break-out areas or rooms? This is especially important if the conference is a long one. You need to be able to offer your attendees the chance of a break to get fresh air and a break out room is a great place for snacks and refreshments. All in all, choosing a conference venue is not easy, you are better off finding a venue finding agency and seeing what they can offer.
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