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The Kinds of Salespeople and What They Do

Jun 6, 2008
Though many people often mistake marketing with sales, they are in fact very different. The more theoretically based and wider scaled marketing has many differences from sales, which is more direct and persuasive. They do go hand in hand usually in making products or services a success. And both of them do involve the act of selling goods or service for money.

People who work in sales are called by several names. These include brokers, salespeople,a gents and sales managers. As indicated by their different names, these people have unique ways of going about their work. Real estate salespeople for example, help people in buying property and goods. Pharmaceutical salespeople on the other hand must have a great understanding of pharmacy, medicine and the sciences before they can even think of selling their items to hospitals and health centers.

The most important thing for a salesperson is to know the product involved. They have no qualifications to sell anything they do not know about hence a mastery of both the product itself and its uses is vital for a salesperson's success.

As indicated, there are various types of salespeople with different kinds of duties. The usual sales people that you see are called Sales brokers or seller agents. These are salespeople who represent and carry the name of their companies or employers and try to make a deals with their clients on certain products.

Transaction brokers are the people who don't represent either of the parties involved in the purchase. They are usually involved in large transactions. The opposite of this is the disclosed dual agent, who represents both sides and is interested in making sure that both parties get a fair deal out of the exchange.

Finally there are sales managers whose job it is to implement strategies and other management techniques. They manage the team of salespersons under them and lead them to the right direction. An effective sales manager is needed for a company to get the optimum sales performance to be number one.
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