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Unique Website Visitors - A Scam?

Jun 6, 2008
What are guaranteed hits, guaranteed traffic, and guaranteed visitors? We have seen these terms before. As Internet Marketers and Website owners we are exposed to these terms each and every day. There are literally thousands of websites just waiting to make you richyeah right. These sites promise unique visitors, guaranteed visitors, you name it. They guarantee it all! That is until you realize they do not deliver.

Where does this so called traffic come from? Where does it get you? The answer is simple. In many cases, it comes from nowhere! This is often the case because you are getting nothing more than a moving counter and fake hits to your website. Many companies will trick and deceive their way into your pockets. You get 5% or less real visitors as compared to the number you ordered. This is unfortunately the case in 80% of traffic reseller websites on the Internet.

In this discussion we are attempting to cover the one fourth of traffic companies that do this correctly. It is these particular individuals who give a good name to the traffic business. Companies who did this full time put in tremendous amounts of effort into establishing long lasting relationships with reliable sources of traffic. They utilize expired domain traffic to drive traffic to your site.

These dropped domains are the source of traffic power these companies hold on to. The arithmetic is simple, the more sites you own, the more traffic they get, the more you can send out to the clients. Lets say a reseller has 100000 domains, let us assume that these domains names are split into 20 separate categories. As a website traffic seller, we purchase domains from just about every category.

As a traffic reseller, I buy domains from almost every niche and category. I research the domains that have been dropped by their owners, and buy them if there are visitors that still frequent that domain. This is done through research and past performance analysis. The network I deal with has over 20,000 domains and that number grows every day.

Delivering traffic to our clients is our number one concern. We want to deliver the amount ordered in the timeframe allotted. Read on if you would like to discover more information about purchasing guaranteed hits, visitors, and traffic.
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