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Online Advertsing Marketing Featuring Squidoo To Get Started

Jun 6, 2008
If you haven't heard of Squidoo, you probably will, soon. You'll run across a site on the first page of your preferred search engine, or follow a link to someone else's site. If you don't know what Squidoo is, you're missing out on a lot of information, and you're not getting into a great method of online advertising marketing.

If you've got a blog or website and would like to direct traffic to it for free, Squidoo is one of the quickest, easiest ways to do so. It's easy to use and free, as well as being fun. You can have your Squidoo site up and running, and doing all the promotion work it can in just fifteen minutes. You don't even have to have your own hosting service for photos or other media - it's all done for you. Affiliate marketers use Squidoo to market their products. You can look at this site like a combination of a MySpace account, mini website, and blog.

What you create when you use Squidoo is called a lens. These sites are what you might have encountered when you search. These lenses are used to distribute information and act as online advertising marketing. Lenses contain modules, which are more like blog posts.

A wide variety of modules is available, from Ebay modules for Ebay sellers to YouTube modules that help you include video. Squidoo modules can have a lot of different types of content, including reviews and testimonials, and information and articles about your product or service. This is a great place to let people know what's great about your product or service and make them curious to find out more. While you don't want to tell everything about your service or product, you should promote it here, so people will eventually click through to the main page.

Squidoo can also be used to drive traffic to a primary blog, using an RSS feed module. Just load your blog's RSS feed into the lens, and it'll update automatically when you do.

There's a lot Squidoo has to offer, including tips on how to choose the best keywords for optimum traffic. Since lenses can have a high ranking on sites like Google, they allow you to build backlinks to your primary site or blog as desired.

Squidoo may be free to use, but you can earn money with it. The site makes its money using affiliate advertising like Ebay, Adsense, and others. They track the earnings that come from each module, and give you half the profits. There's even an option set up through Squidoo to donate that money to charity.

Many Squidoo users simply like to use it to get pertinent information out. They simply want to let other readers know about something that they feel is important and they can share about their experiences using this method of online advertising marketing. If you haven't done so, start searching the net for Squidoo sites, and then visit Squidoo and have fun.
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