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You Need Publicity for Your Book? Where Do You Start and What Do You Look For?

Jun 6, 2008
Want to sell lots of books? Well you need to get yourself out there! You need to be on the radio, in magazines and newspapers and on TV. The more exposure that you have in the media the better chance it has to survive.

You know you have to alert the public about your book, but you may not have any idea how to get started.

I have been doing book public relations for twenty years and have a really good idea of generating media attention for our authors books. As many bestselling authors will tell you, talk radio is one of the best and most cost-efficient vehicles to get your message out to consumers. But how do you choose the right publicity firm to really shoot your book through the stratosphere? Here are some tips I have learned that will come in handy.

*Understanding. How important is experience? Very. You need to employ a company who has had years of experience promoting books. Book publicity is a very specialized field. " A skilled publicist employs a myriad of tools in order to obtain media interviews - and it can all look and seem very simple, but that's only because their skills have been honed to perfection.

Publicity firms with excellent media skills can read your book and come up with a hot media angle. Their press releases should be second to none!that is after all what you are paying for." Also, a skilled publicity firm gives television and radio producers all the factors they need to book a show. You want to make sure your publicity firm can get quality media placements for you.

*Quality Markets. Where will you be heard? Always check on the caliber of markets you're being scheduled to appear in. "You want to get what you are paying for which is quality interviews in quality markets. Smaller stations do add value, but you shouldn't be paying someone big bucks to get you small fries."

*Quality Stations. What caliber of stations will your interviews take place on? "When my national public relations firm is arranging interviews, we do not go any lower that 5,000 watts. In every market you'll find high-powered and low-powered stations. The more power, the more listeners that station will have." So seek out those high powered stations!

*Expediency. Can we get started tomorrow? Make sure that your publicity firm is on the same page as you and your time frame. "There is always a certain amount of prep work needed before a media campaign can advance. From the get go, make sure that your public relations firm has your time frame in mind and are positive that they can deliver within your schedule."

*Guarantee. How do you know you will get your money's worth? Search out those pr firms that offer some kind of a guarantee. "There are quite a few public relations firms that work on a performance basis. Get your money's worth! If you are paying them based on their performance, guess what: they will perform!"

*Price. How much is it all going to cost you? Most of you won't really be too hung up on this point. But, in the end, this is the final factor you need to take into consideration.

"By taking all of these factors into consideration, you'll be able to find the perfect PR firm to meet your needs."
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For 20 years Marsha Friedman has been a leading authority on public relations as CEO of EMSI. Go to http://www.publicitythatworks.com to claim your free "Power of Public Relations" video today!
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