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Looking to Get Some Public Relations for Your Business?

Jun 6, 2008
In the corporate world, marketing's function is to generate sales leads and build awareness of the company's product or service. Many of these professionals are unaware of the power that PR can bring to their marketing efforts.

Instead, it is quite common for businesses to go down the costly road of advertising to get their company, product or services the desired exposure. But there is a much more cost effective answer: being interviewed as a guest on talk radio. This is an excellent way for companies to gain excellent local and national consumer exposure. No matter if you are a local or national company - appearing as a guest on a radio show will get your consumers interested.

Do as many talk radio shows as possible ". Appearing as a guest on a talk radio show will gain you some fabulous media attention ."

1. Demographics and Target Audience. "On AM radio listeners are 55% male and 45% female with many of them college educated or with at least a high school diploma ", says Marsha . " In addition to strong demographics there are also specialty talk shows that focus on finance, law, politics, health, relationships, lifestyles, consumer advocacy, sports, gardening and more so you can easily identify shows whose listeners are a match for your business ."

2. It is Not a Budget Killer." Don't think that because you are going to appear on a talk radio show that you will have to get on a plane! Marsha says, " Almost all interviews on talk radio are held by phone so you won't have to jump on a plane in order to be interviewed in-studio. If you are being interviewed by phone you can be anywhere and doing anything as long as you are a stone's throw from a landline. "

3. An Effective Sales Tool. Although PR is definitely not paid advertising, if you get good coverage, it can really boost your exposure which in turns can boost your sales . "While you are being interview on a talk radio show, little do you know that you are actually having a conversation with hundreds, maybe thousands of consumers. ", says Marsha . "If you give a great informative interview, you can get your message across to consumers without them even knowing it! Listeners will want to know how to get whatever the guest is talking about. The best part is that many times the host will plug you website or phone number to take the stress off of you. What a great endorsement! "

4. Third Party Endorsement. As you can imagine, talk radio shows have loyal followings in order to maintain their terrific ratings. Listeners make sure to listen every time their favorite show or host is on to get all of the latest news and information. Marsha says, "Hosts are many times viewed by their listeners as great friends and sometimes even mentors , when you appear as a guest on their show, listeners hear an implicit endorsement of you and your message."

5. Credibility. If you are looking for a bit of credibility look no further than talk radio. Marsha says, "One of my PR firm's clients told us, '! almost every time I am a guest on a talk radio show - the talk radio show guest is not afraid to boast about my accomplishments and how excited they are to have me as a guest ! Of course, the more important I am as a guest, the more important the host appears to be. A total goldmine of PR! ' What a great testimonial! "

6. You Will Have an Entire Conversation. With advertising you have a specific amount of space (in print) and time (on radio and TV). " Talk radio interviews can be as long as 30 minutes or more, and all of this is time you can be using to tell the listening audience about how terrific your product or service is! " says Marsha . Well there you go: 6 reasons to be interviewed on talk radio that will gain national or local public relations for you, your company, products or services.
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