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6 Effective Ways to Generate PR for You and Your Business

Jun 6, 2008
Are you interested in successfully growing your business while not breaking the bank? Public relations is exposure that you get for your company, product or service that you do not pay for. The best ways to get the most bang out of your PR strategy is to:

*Appearing as a guest on tv or radio
*Being featured in a newspaper or magazine

The only costs that you encounter when using PR is the ones that result from using a firm (please check out our 2 Part Series 'How to Choose the Right PR Firm for You' for some top tips on how to pick an effective firm to fit your needs). But if you choose the most skilled and experienced firm, or just decide to do the work with your own team , PR can help you meet your targets without costing you lots of money.

Now here ae 6 effective ways as to how you can begin to immediately generate valuable PR for your business, products or services!

1. What About a Book? Writing books is not just for Donald Trump and Steven King anymore! If you are an expert business and write a book you will be able to use it as a vehicle with the media . " If you write a book you will have a fantastic vehicle and calling card ", says Marsha Friedman. " A book gives you instant credibility as an expert in your field: to your customers , prospective customers and amongst your industry peers. Most importantly, it opens the door for you to the media."

If you watch TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers and magazines, then you are being exposed to numerous authors who have used this PR trick to their advantage!

2. Position Yourself as an Experts. TV, Radio and Print are all mediums that are hungry for news worthy content. Obviously, this is why people stay interested in listening, watching and reading. Marsha Friedman says, "The media is constantly following the media. " Want to use the media? W

ell then start paying attention to it. Friedman adds, " Stay abreast with all of the latest news by watching TV news, talk radio and reading your local or national newspapers. Search for issues or news stories that tie in with your business or message." By doing this you will be ahead of the pack when it comes to your successes with the media.

3. Appear as a Guest on Radio. " A great public relations vehicle for your company is to be interviewed on a talk radio show. This way you can have a conversation about your company, product or service with thousands, if not millions, of consumers nationwide ", says Marsha Friedman. "

If you are small firm or large multinational corporation, you should do as many talk radio interviews that is humanly possible. " Talk radio is very attractive from a PR perspective because:

*It appeals to an affluent, educated and attentive target audience
*It is much cheaper than advertising
*It is a great opportunity to sell your product
*The host (who has a dedicated listening audience) provides a solid "Third Party Endorsement" to your product or services
*As you will be presented as an expert in your field, talk radio lends further credibility to your message
*Appearing on a talk radio show enables you to really tell your story

4. Be a Guest on a TV Show. Television really builds on all of the positive effects that radio can have. Marsha Friedman says, " As viewers expect to see celebrities on TV, when you appear as a guest on a TV show your credibility goes sky high."

5. Be Featured in Print. Ever looked at a newspaper article and have the desire to get your company some print exposure. You can absolutely get this sort of coverage! The power of the print media is phenomenal. "Print is a goldmine for PR ". Here's why :
*Anything written is perceived to be true.
*Newspapers and magazines represent a huge portion of the buying audience .
*A plethora of niche publications - there's truly a long list of publications to target. If you are adequately prepared with quality materials, your print PR campaign will be a successful one !

6. Become a Public Speaker. Want to try a pretty different way to get some excellent public relations for your company, product or service? Try becoming a pubic speaker! " Speak to community groups, Chambers of Commerce, events and trade associations to 'create a buzz' about you and your company," says Marsha Friedman. "The more opportunities you get to speak publicly, the more word of mouth that you will generate .

Just make sure you have a media kit to give them about your company, product or service in case they show up!"

Hopefully these methods will not only get your excited about an upcoming public relations campaign, but also give you an idea as to other ways to let people know about your product.
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For 20 years Marsha Friedman has been a leading authority on public relations as CEO of EMSI. Go to http://www.publicitythatworks.com to claim your free "Power of Public Relations" video today!
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