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Gain Up To 300 Positions In Google Overnight With These Simple Onpage Changes

Jun 6, 2008
I have been told I was crazy when I have told people in the past that for most sites, I can push it up sometimes as much as 300 or even 350 positions in 24 hours in Google. The facts are that it is fairly simple to do if you understand onpage principles and how they work.

The first thing we must understand is that Google engineers used a simple and common sense system when putting their basic foundation under the algorithm. I often hear that people are afraid of the algorithm changes that Google makes frequently and this keeps them from even trying seo in the first place. This fear is unwarranted, and as you will see as we go through onpage, that there is a common sense system to the process.

The first and most important part of onpage is the title of the page. Just like a book, it has the job of telling you in a very short space what the general topic is. So having your keywords or phrases in the title is real important, in fact, the most important factor in this part of seo.

Next is h tags, like h1 , h2 , and down the line. I often see in forums people telling that h3 tags made their site go up top quickly, then others will say the h2 or the h4 tags does it for them. Now, if you stop and think about h tags, they are supposed to be used in sequence. I often target pages with nothing more that the title, an h1 tag, some content, h2 tag, some more content which is usually just small paragraphs and just keep going down to h5 or 6. They are meant to be used in sequence. That is why they are numbered. H tag and then some content, the "H" stands for heading, so they are basically subtitles.

So using them as they are intended will carry much more weight, since they are being used as they were designed to be used.

The next thing is to make sure your phrases or keywords are in the h tags. Let me show you an example of the proper way to use them. Let's say, for example we have a page about gold fish, and the title of your page is 'All About Goldfish'. I will now give some suggested subtitles "H tags" that would work, but you have to write them to match your content.

H1. Starting with the basics of Goldfish Identification

H2. What should you feed your goldfish

H3. Goldfish healthcare 101

H4. How to notice potential goldfish illnesses

See, you just simply break down your content is to subtitled areas and identify them with h tags.

The next thing is to try to get one of more of your phrases in bold, italics or even underlined at least once in the content. You can use a meta description if you would like to, but no professional seo uses the keyword meta tags anymore.

Next, if you have good content, bookmark your site on a high pr site like reddit or dig, they should index the changes quickly and your site should make an instant jump from these simple changes alone.
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Rachel Yoshida is a writer and SEO of
Nashville SEO company, and gives an example of onpage with few, if any links on
Rockville Cash Advance page, which is an example of the power of proper onpage.
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