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How to Create Quality Products Fast

Jun 6, 2008
Creating your own products is actually easier then you may think. There are several ways you can go about creating your own products with a little hard work and some time. By this point I presume that you have already targeted a specific niche you want to work in and that there are indeed buyers. If you have not already done this you will need to back track and complete these steps.

Method 1 - Interview an Expert

First you would want to contact an expert in the field and ask him to an interview. You would record the interview and have it turned into an MP3. You could then have the MP3 file transcribed and then converted into a PDF document and wala there you have it 2 products.

Production Creation Method No.2 - Write An Informative Short Report

First you would want to identify a problem that you see is popping up in people's lives and research some possible solutions. Then you could write up a short report of about 7-15 pages and sell it for nominal price of about $7. Then you could do some forum posts on the topic and make some quick sales.

Product Creation Method No.3 - Create A Short Video Series

Following pretty much the same method as in Method No.2 only this time take your expertise and put it into a set of videos. An easy way to do this is to use CamstudioPro which is an excellent piece of software that only costs $29.95. It is easy to use and you can finish videos by automatically following on to affiliate links for extra profits. The great thing about this is that you can charge more for videos than you can for other formats.

Well there you have it, 3 quick and easy ways to create some great profitable products of your own. Now off to work.
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Melanie Ullman is Vice President of Analogy Marketing, a leading NY-based Internet Marketing firm. You can visit their blog Improve Your Internet Marketing for proven strategies from over 5 years of Internet Marketing success.
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