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How To Start A Successful Home-Based Business & Quit The Day Job

Jun 6, 2008
While the idea of working at home in the comfort of your pajamas sounds like heaven, be sure and look before you leap. If you have a traditional full-time job and want to transition into a home-based Internet job make sure you do your homework first.

At times, people do make a decision for which they have only themselves to be blamed. After all, quitting a full-fledged job requires a heart of steel!

So before you write that letter of resignation, here are some things to consider first:

1.First, ask yourself if you are the type of person who will be motivated to work at home on a daily basis. It requires setting time aside for work and leaving the laundry for later. So decide whether or not you can function being your own boss and get work completed. Some people find they actually need a boss to keep them motivated.

2.It is important to consider other benefits that you will lose when you quit your current job.

You will not have paid vacations or holidays, sick time, health care or retirement benefits. So consider setting aside an account for these necessities as well. If you will maintain medical coverage under a spouse, than that is one thing that you dont have to worry about.

3. Another aspect that hurts the most is that you need to live without getting a check regularly as your income.

So take care of the day-to-day costs that you incur, besides the expenditure related to business, and you will have a fair idea about whether or not you should go for the online business in the long run.

4. Last but not the least, have a clear idea about what your home business is going to do and what it is expected to give you. Assuming that no money will be required for promotion of the home business from your part is unrealistic.

Do you want to provide services for someone such as writing or graphic design? Do you already have opportunities lined up for work? Do you want to sell products online? If so what kind of products and who will you market them to? Will you need additional money to start a home-based business?

An important suggestion is that you must surely have a bank balance sufficient to last you and your family for about half a year, all the times.

So this gives you confidence and some security about financial matters and permits you to fully concentrate on the business rather than worrying about people at home, and how will the cash flow in.

So consider all of these factors before making the decision to quit your current job and work at home.

Keep in mind, that working at home is not for everyone. Some people may miss having the daily interaction of fellow co-workers. However working at home does have its perks such as no commuting, no dressing up, and no boss!
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