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Distributing Articles effectively

Jun 6, 2008
The success that people have with article marketing came as somewhat of a shock to me. Having been marketing on-line for some years without utilizing them I felt cheated when I understood just how powerful articles are at bringing huge amounts of visitors to a website or blog.

As a completely obsessive compulsive person I have managed to subscribe to hundreds of newsletters over the years and purchased many systems or software to drive traffic to my websites or affiliate programs. Most of these failed miserably for one reason or another but certainly not for my want of effort to make them work.

If there is one thing everyone needs its more traffic to their site or blog, for without visitors it may well as not be there. The stories of failed traffic systems or methods are far too numerous to mention and I like many others have wasted lots of time and money experimenting with them only to end up disappointed and disillusioned.

While new things come and go there are those that are constant and reliable. Article marketing is one of those in much the same way that forums are still very popular despite all the new networking sites that have millions of members. The other plus to marketing with articles is that it is very inexpensive. In fact the only expense you may incur is if you chose to use a reliable distribution service or pay someone to write articles for you.

The word automation has become the catch cry of many a marketer and for good reason. In todays world we are moving faster and faster which means the competition is moving faster and faster with you and every day there are more and more competitors to deal with. It makes good sense to try and automate as much as you possibly can. As long as the automation you use is legal and in my case ethical then it may only be the cost that deters you. However this cost may easily be recuperated from the extra traffic you get.

When looking for a program or software to automate you're article submissions you need to take into account that the supplier may not have you're best interests at heart. To feel secure in you're final choice I strongly recommend you do a search on the product or service and find out what others who have already purchased it have to say. Simply type the name into your search box and look at all the results to find those who have something worthwhile to say about it.

All the key points about article marketing have been covered and there are many more free resources around to fine tune you're marketing efforts. As you become more adept with writing and formating articles you will find it becomes very easy. And of course there is always the ultimate option where you pay someone else to it it for you. And who knows one day that option may be open to you due to the effort you put in today.
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