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How to Be a Successful Internet Marketing Fisherman

Jun 6, 2008
It's easy to catch a whole plethora of links on the Web. In fact, some cutting-edge bloggers and writers have managed to garner a universe of links simply through their strong writing skills, while denser types slave away at writing volumes of dull content, only to find that no one cares. Simply put, the successful bloggers have demonstrated that they are proficient at the science of link-baiting. And it truly is a science, one that can be learned through practice.

If the Bait is Delicious, the Fish Will Bite

The most important issue is to design or make a tempting bait so that web visitors will visit your page.

People love to hear about what's going on in the news, so you can use world news as a bait to draw your readers in. The reason for this is that current news is fresh content. Fresh, new content attracts visitors, always. Look at the success of the Drudge Report. Current news organized into a provocative design has resulted in immense success.

Imagine if you were one of Drudge's link partners. You would immediately reap the generous rewards of Drudge's current-news baits. In addition, The Drudge Report itself has garnered an astronomical rise in search engine optimization due to the amount of inbound links it has generated. (Inbound links are non-reciprocal links, for instance, when someone links to your site, but you don't link to theirs, you are receiving an inbound link.)

The more raunchy and provocative the news is, the more likely people will click on the link.

Bloggers Know Where It's At

People love to talk, especially on the Internet and in the Blogosphere. Bloggers often respond to current events and other developments in the world. This will create a firestorm of a discussion. The odds are, a great number of people are discussing this subject, because what is discussed in the blogosphere is what people are currently talking about.

The fat cat, well-established, most famous bloggers will undoubtedly take a stand on this issue. Therefore, in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd, start a debate. Take a stand opposite these punks. Who do they think they are, anyways? Make sure you study the content carefully so you can provide a well-reasoned defense of your argument. Doubtless, after your post, there will be rivers of links pouring into your site.

Make sure that you conduct a comprehensive subject of the study at hand. Speak as an expert. Don't drop to bad taste or libel.

The Cardinal Rule of Web-Fishing: Be Humble and Respect the Fish

Set up a disciplined fishing schedule so that you are regularly providing content to these blogs. It's really great if you can write three times a week, but once a week should do. Just like in fishing, sometimes you'll catch a lot of links, and other times, you won't catch any. But most of the time, you'll catch a grouping of links, little by little. The important thing is to be patient and humble. Baby steps. But the more you go out link-baiting, the more links you'll collect, and in turn, the higher your site will be ranked. SEO experts know that link-baiting works, so the best experts suggest it as a sure-fire way to improve your search engine rankings.
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