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Web Designers' Salary

Jun 6, 2008
Being a web designer is a good thing: the industry is growing, and the income is pretty good.

Growing E-Commerce

A lot of online businesses have set up. It's understandable because they don't need inventory, overhead is cheaper, and sometimes they don't even need to actually own the products to sell them.

When the customer places an order online, the retailer buys it from a good-relationed wholesaler. The wholesaler then ships the product so that the retailer makes a margin off the profit without exerting too much effort.

Places like Wal-Mart have items that are only available through the internet, which is why web designers are needed in the first place.

Web Design Salary Increases

Salary levels depend on experience, education, and location. Also, most companies prefer to keep web designers nearby instead of having them work in a remote location.

Coroflot Web Design Salary Survey

Coroflot, an employment agency catering to creative workers, published a survey comparing the salaries of web designers to the salaries of other creative designers, which include interior, graphic, and industrial designers.

All fields had a lower end salary of around $15k/yr. In the middle, web designers earned $56.7k/yr with interior designers making $15k/yr less.

Graphic designers made $13,000 less and industrial designers earned $3,500 less than the web designers.

At the top, industrial designers made $210k/yr, web designers made $200k/yr, graphic designers made $185k/yr, and interior designers made $100k/yr.

Regarding education levels, 71% of web designers have a Bachelors, 20% a Masters, and rest a high school diploma.
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