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Medical Sales Work

Jun 6, 2008
A pharmacist sells medicines from the boutique directly to customers. You don't see doctors buy medical supplies in pharmacies and bring it to the hospitals. So who supplies the hospitals this medicines, if not a pharmacist? It is the medical representative. What then, do you call the one who sells medicines to doctors?

You will have to work strategically to awareness and information about the available equipment of products of a medical company. This way, you are contributing in the improvement of general practices in hospitals and care trusts. As you hold a medical sales job, you will also practice different stages of selling medical services and products. The first part of your job is to set appointments with prospective clients. You need to contact medical teams and doctors to identify the needs of the costumer. With this, you will also determine what product you should recommend to a client because in this stage, you should know what suits your client's requirements.

When the client's need is identified, the medical representative may then set another meeting to present your company's service or product. During this stage, the medical representative must persuade the prospective client that the service or product that they are offering is a cut above the other competitors. This would mean that the medical representative needs to study the competitors' strength and weakness very well. The better the presentation, the more likely that the customer will buy the product or service.

Make sure that your presentation is understandable and interesting, too, in order to convince your client to avail of your products and services. What do you need to do, then, if you want to keep your job? It is simple. Wait until a client continues working for you. Take that as a sign the your client is happy, and you hold your job with you.
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