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Thinking About Indoor Tanning

Jun 6, 2008
Some individuals have gotten their deep golden tan for years by frequenting their local tanning salon on their lunch hour. They love the results and it is very convenient for them to do so. Even though so many people do tan indoors annually, many are hesitant to do so. They have some concerns that result in them holding back.

There has been plenty of information about indoor tanning and the risk of skin cancer. While this is true, being exposed to the UV rays there won't necessarily mean that you do get skin cancer. If you have a family history of it or you have been treated for it in the past you have a higher risk. Know the warning signs of skin cancer and see a medical professional if you exhibit them.

Some people are afraid they won't be able to tan indoors. This is understandable if they have struggled to do so outdoors. I am one of those people who is either white or red if I depend on the natural sun to give me some color. Yet with the right products and with limiting my exposure at an indoor tanning facility I can get a nice brown color I am pleased with.

Most people see results after just a few tanning sessions. Results do vary though so give it some time. If you keep your skin moisturized though you will also find you get the shade of color you want faster than if you have dry flaky skin.

Nothing is going to look worse or hurt more than getting a sunburn due to being in the tanning bed too long. If you have very sensitive skin then let the person at the facility know this. They can recommend the right products for you as well as a good starting time. As you get used to the tanning and aren't turning red you can add another minute to your sessions.

Talk to the tanning salon staff if you have sensitive skin. They can recommend the best products to help you get a tan instead of burning. It can be painful to end up with a sunburn from an indoor tanning session so make sure you understand that it can happen. They can also recommend the best type of tanning equipment for you to use.

How much is it going to cost? The prices are all over the board when it comes to tanning salons. It really depends on what they have to offer. You will find the nicer tanning salons with the best equipment charge more. You can also find some moderately priced locations that have everything to meet your needs.

It is the wise consumer who finds out all they can about a tanning salon before they get such services. It is important to understand that not all tanning salons offer the same services. You should therefore allocate specific questions to the staff at that particular tanning salon. If you aren't happy with the answers you get then you should find another location to tan at.
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Betty P Davis writes about the good and the bad of the tanning salon business. You can avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they start a tanning salon
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