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Money From Your Vending Machine Business

Jun 6, 2008
Are you making as much money as possible with your vending machine business? Before you quickly say yes, you need to evaluate a couple of points. Find out if you are doing the very best you can. Now, this information isn't to make you feel bad about what you have incorporated so far. Rather it is to help reward you for your hard work and desire to have your own successful business.

Pay attention to the movement of what is inside of your vending machines. If you notice particular products don't seem to move very fast then remove them. You can always find something else that will get better results. You may have to try out several new items before you get a hit.

By the same token, don't keep stocking products that just don't seem to be selling very well. Get rid of them and give something else a chance. You may find this can really increase your daily and weekly vending machine sales. That means more money that stays in your own pocket than before.

While you don't want to sacrifice the quality of the products you offer, you do want to save money on them when you can. Shop around for the suppliers of your goods so you can compare prices. It may be a good investment to get a club membership to one of the bulk warehouse retailers. This way your per unit price is going to be less and your profits will be more.

When you have more than one vending machine you need to be well organized. You need to have everything you need to service them and you need to establish an effective route. Try to avoid filling them up when there is plenty of traffic around. You don't want people to avoid approaching to make a sell due to you having the machine opened up. Save yourself gas money by going in a logical order from one vending machine location to the next.

When was the last time you really evaluated the quality of the locations where you have those vending machines? If it has been a while then stake out the location and evaluate the level of traffic. If it isn't what it used to be then you may need to search for a better location that you can move to. Never assume that what was once a good location always will be.

The amount of money you are paying for the location should be considered as it may be too much. If you have a contract in place you are still bound to it. Yet that doesn't mean you can't talk it over and see if a compromise can be reached. The worse that can happen is that the owner of the location says no.

Ask yourself again now if you are making as much money as possible with your vending machine business. Chances are you have found a few things you can do in order to benefit your own business. The less you have to spend on expenses and the more you make our products accessible the more money you will walk away from it with.
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Robert Farnham started his vending business the wrong way. To read how he built a successful vending business and learn why you should avoid unethical vending locators, you can read more details on his sites.
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