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A Review of The BeautiControl Income Opportunity

Jun 6, 2008
BeautiControl, Incorporated, is a 25 year old company which sells women's hair, skin, and beauty products, and also several beauty products for men. You might have also heard of the company referred to as the Smart Company, which is the company's trademark. The company offers opportunities to become a consultant. Forbes and BusinessWeek have dubbed this company as a hot growth company, which is an attractive quality for those considering the company's sales opportunity.

As a BeautiControl consultant, you run your own home-based business selling the company's many products. The line of products boasts spa quality items which include wrinkle products, cremes, lotions, and more. You receive profits based on your sales totals and also have opportunities for additional bonuses and competitions. Currently, the company is promoting a Mustang program where top sellers can actually earn a Mustang Convertible as an incentive. Other bonuses include jewelry, gifts, vacations, and cash.

BeautiControl offers the same benefits of a traditional home-based business, such as the ability to work your own schedule, whether it is full-time or part-time. The amount of money you can earn depends on your sales abilities and the amount of effort and time you send as a consultant. In addition, the company offers marketing ideas and programs which you can buy into to increase your profits.

A consultant can earn money by selling products to friends, family, and others, or by throwing BeautiControl ESCAPE parties. To throw a party, the consultant will find a hostess who would like to have a party in their home. As the consultant, you will market the products to the guests of the party. Hostesses have an incentive, too; they receive exclusive gifts and discounts which are only available to those who host a party.

Training someone in BeautiControl would require not only someone with experience in the cosmetics industry, but someone with a good background in sales. They are not all the common but at the same time not impossible to find. Some things that you should ask are do they have training calls? How about support. Is your upline at least open to doing 3-way calls with your prospects?

Not everyone is cut out to be a consultant, but there are plenty of good people willing to go out and do full-time work for a fair monthly check, these are the type of people who will succeed in a business like this long term.

As a new consultant, you are connected with an existing consultant for training and support purposes. Likely, you will also have the opportunity to help a new consultant for additional incentives and bonuses. Recruiting others is another way you can earn with the company. In fact, you can earn without selling any of the products itself if you are able to recruit others as consultants to the company.

BeautiControl offers consultant opportunities for $125, with a regular value of $250. In this start-up business kit, the company will provide sales literature and marketing aids to help consultants sell as many products as possible. The kit also includes demonstration products, training materials, and exclusive memberships to exclusive client marketing programs to help you jump start your business.
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