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A Review of The BannersGoMLM Banner Exchange

Jun 6, 2008
Most people mention MLM and everyone runs but there are a number of ways of making money using MLM opportunities that are not frauds. They can be hard to find but they are out there. The trick is being able to tell the difference. If something seems too good to be true, if they tell you, you can make thousands in a day right away with no work, it is probably a fraud.

The legitimate services and opportunities out there are going to tell you it takes work and they are going to tell you, you can make money but it will take time. BannersGoMLM is one opportunity that is revolutionizing banner advertising on the web.

BannersGoMLM takes the idea behind banner advertising, something you see practically on every website on the web and turns it into a way to earn a multiple level commission. There are five levels. You get a rate for each one of the impressions received on the first level; the level you sit out at it is a 1:1 exchange ratio.

With BannersGoMLM you get everything for every impression, level 2 you get 10% of the impressions made at that level plus your base. Levels 3 through 5 are the same each with `10%. It may not sound like a lot 10% however, it can really add up. If you are receiving an amount from Bannersgomlm for each impression that occurs, you could have as much as 390,000 impressions using the figures of 1000 impressions per person per level per month.

There was no indication of exactly how much a credit is worth on the BannersGoMLM site. Though it does indicate that impressions are registered as credits to the site and are then transferable into funds and there is a $15 sign up bonus. The process of BannersGoMLM seems simple. You join at the BannersGoMLM website, input all your information, codes are generated and then you set the priorities of the various banners.

You then insert the BannersGoMLM code in the appropriate location on your website and you are good to go. You then gain referrals, other people to your levels by having them click on the BannersGoMLM ad, and when they join up, they become part of your levels. This does help to increase traffic to your website since banner and advertising exchange is a legitimate marketing strategy for the internet.

There are a number of different ways that you can earn money with your website. The BannersGoMLM opportunity is simply one of many to leverage website traffic, but one that is easy to use and seems to be able to provide a wealth of growth potential. It is important to check with your website provider before placing advertisements on the site.

There are some providers, which do not allow outside banner advertisements to be used on websites in their domains. This is because of the advertisements they add to the website. Though you can check to see if BannersGoMLM does not allow top banners, due to advertising they may allow what is called footer banners or banners placed at the bottom of the website.
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