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How To Answer Job Interview Questions

Jun 7, 2008
Job interviews are always very taxing, no matter how may times you've been through them. Preparation is the is the key to reducing tension during the interview. Study the important and common questions and their answers several days before the interview.

Make time to research the company profile, its management and establishment. This will increase your knowledge and confidence. Review your resume and be able to discuss thoroughly the previous work experience.

There are certain ways job interview questions should be answered. Correctly answering these questions will surely lead to a winning interview. Answers to these typical questions should be done the following way:

* What can you tell me about yourself?

Be careful and specific about this opening question. keep the introduction relatively short. Early years, education, work history and recent career experience are the four topics you should discuss.

* What do you know about our organization?

This very important question will demonstrate your awareness. You should be ready to discuss various aspects of the company such as products, mangement style, goals, image, reputation, services, etc. Don't act as a know it all as it will reflect badly on you to the interviewer. Show that you are a keen learner and welcome the opportunity to learn more.

* How come you want to work for our company?

Such questions play a very important role in getting hired. The answer will be totally dependant upon your research of the company. Make sure you do the reseach. The following are other types of questions you may face:

* What can you do for us that someone else cannot?

Your acheivements and your ability to complete taske on time should be discussed witht the interviewer. Skills and interests mentioned on your resume should be talked about.

* Why are you interested in this position?

Give two or three comments on what attracts you to the position, along with one or two minor negative comments.

* How come we should hire you?

Give the answer regarding your ability, experience and energy, your keen learning skill etc.

* What are your expectations from this job?

To answer this question, talk about company opportunities and not personal security.

* How long would you like to stay with us?

Let the interviewer know you woulds like to work for the company and attain a permanent position that presents a challenge.

* What are your long range goals?

Again, this answer should be company oriented, state your goals such as they are relevant to the company's progress.

* How successful have you been so for?

Explain in a confident voice that your career has progressed nicely and state how so. While explaining your answer come off as valuable to the interviewer.
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