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Increased Web Site Traffic With These 3 Simple Methods

Jun 7, 2008
Do you have the vision of owning your very own business? It's a lot of peoples dreams to build something they can call their own. But most traditional ways of starting a business limits a majority of people from ever pursuing their dreams. Thanks to the World Wide Web, a successful business is in every persons grasp.

A business on the Internet can be started up and run for a minimum amount of cash and generating increased web site traffic to your business can be practically free.

You really don't need to dip too deep into your pockets for increased web site traffic if you're willing to trade time for money. In fact, a lot of the free traffic methods can be your bread and butter for increased web site traffic. It will take more work and determination, but the effort will be well worth it.

How great can it be to have increased web site traffic to your site without spending a single cent?

Don't think I'm saying to not use paid methods to have increased web site traffic. If you have the funds and you don't mind wasting some of your money on how to learn these methods correctly, then go for it. But if you are like most people, you probably have more time than money to put into your marketing efforts to get increased web site traffic.

You can immediately employ these methods in your business. Like the paid methods, you need to do it correctly, but you aren't going to lose any money in the process.

Here are 3 methods you can use for increased web site traffic.

1-Become a part of forums and contribute to the community for increased web site traffic.

Forums are an excellent medium to get increased web site traffic. It's simple in that you ask questions you need answered and answer questions or make comments you have knowledge about. If you are sincere in being there to contribute, this can be a great way to go.

Become a regular contributor to the community and you will become known and respected for what you offer. Forums allow you to leave your signature along with a link back to your site. Leaving links in all your posts will eventually result in increased web site traffic for you.

Regular participation is also a great way to develop relationships and stay on top of your chosen niche.

2-Get links by trading with other similar web sites.

Reciprocal linking can provide increased web site traffic. But make sure you link with similar sites that aren't in direct competition with your own website.

One example is if you sold massage tables. You could link with a website that sells linens for tables. You will attract targeted visitors, without them being taken away to another table site.

Just make sure you both are working hard to get increased web site traffic to your site. A link to a site that isn't doing anything will not benefit you. For the amount of traffic you send over, you want about the same amount of traffic coming back with new fresh visitors.

3- Article marketing for increased web site traffic

This is a tried and true free method that has worked and will continue to work for years to come. The Internet is driven by content. Content is King. You provide great useful content in the form of articles and you will get increased website traffic.

Increased web site traffic is attained when you can provide a useful well written article and also correctly optimized for the search engines. Submit these great articles to the many article directories out there and you will start the spread of your information all over the Internet. Webmasters are always looking for great content and they will take your article and place it on their website.

They are allowed to do this, but only if they retain what's called a resource box. This is an area, usually at the end of the article, where you can promote your site by providing an offer and link back to your site.

This viral effect will result in increased web site traffic. A person reads what you say and if they like it they will click on the link to find out what you are about.

The effort on you part can result in more backlinks and using the right keywords can result in search engine placement and more increased web site traffic.

In summary, if you do the work, these methods will bring in increased web site traffic. These strategies must be done consistently to see the results. So post comments in forums, trade links with similar sites and do article marketing for increased web site traffic.
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