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The Pain of Eating Out

Jun 7, 2008
I have a love hate relationship with my favorite restaurant. Why do they insist on corralling us into a tiny waiting room and keeping us hostage while we wait for our table? I love the food, I hate the wait.

I have to say that I am almost certain that they are just a victim of their own success and they have not found a suitable alternative. What solutions are available for a successful business that doesn't want to make its customers stand and wait around?

Finally there is an answer to the painful problem of restaurant waiting. A company called DotLogik Inc. has developed an amazing program to alleviate this nightmarish scenario from our lives. This is a fantastic idea. All I can say is what took so long?

SMS has been around for several years now, but it hasn't been until recently that we have seen real progress made in the SMS market. There are now a host of applications that SMS utilizes. I have to say that one of the best, is DotLogik's SmartHost Paging. It is a fantastic application that restaurants use to contact its customers when their table is ready. In the past they have used large round or square pagers that light up or buzz when your table is ready. SmartHost eliminates the need for those old style pagers.

Upon entering the restaurant the customer is asked for their mobile number. They are entered into the system and given estimated wait time for their table. They are then free to leave and do whatever they like. a few minutes before their table is ready they will receive a text message or voice mail notifying them their table is ready. After the customer returns to the restaurant they are then seated at their table. Problem solved!

I am excited to give this a try. I would much rather be doing what I want to do during that hour or more of waiting, rather than be forced to do what the restaurant want me to do...stand around a waiting room. Those days are over now that DotLogik's SmartHost Paging has set us free!

Freedom through texting...I would have never guessed it!
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