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The Tools You Need To Find The Right Job

Jun 7, 2008
If you were asked what tools you would need to find the right job, what would you say? You would probably mention a highlighter and a newspaper, a resume', a cover letter, and the internet. All of these are definitely correct. You have to look for the right job in the right places and you have to have a resume' to highlight your expertise. Without any of these, you have nothing to work with.

But let us take a moment and look at what the internet has to offer. Of course you have job search sites, you have resume' submission services, and you have websites that you can post your resume' on for prospective employers to review. Sounds like everything you need, doesn't it? Well, that's everything you need to find companies that are interested in you. But once a company shows interest in you, how do you know if that is truly a good company to work for? You see the job description and it looks good, their website looks nice, you meet their qualifications, but you have no idea what actually goes on behind the closed doors of the business. This is where the internet plays an even bigger role.

If you really want to know what goes on behind closed doors, you can check out a website that has opened its doors to former and current employees of companies to share their experiences. There is no better way to find out what really happens than to speak with the individuals who experience it or have experienced it at one time. These are the things that you would never find out during the interview process. These are normally the things that you find out when you've been working there for a week and other employees are wondering why you ever applied. Not because you are bad at your job, but because they are unhappy and do not understand why anyone would subject themselves to that. The truth is, you didn't know. But by communicating with these employees before applying, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to apply for a job with the company.

There are also ratings available. If you see a company with a one or two star rating (out of a possible five), then you know that that company is one you do not want to apply for. If you see a company with a four or five star rating, then you know that you have found gold. Three star ratings signify that the company is in between. These are usually those with mixed reviews, so it is entirely up to you whether or not to apply.

Nevertheless, the idea is to provide you, the prospective employee, with another tool to help you find the right job. This is a great way to narrow down your prospects if you are torn between a number of companies and is also a great way to ensure that you are not going to have too many surprises once work begins. You can have a good idea of what you're walking into, which means you could possibly find your career.
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http://www.workvent.com is a tool for potential applicants to review prospective employers through the experiences and ratings provided by current and former employees of these companies. This aids individuals in making an informed decision about which companies to seek employment with.
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