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SemperGuard Nitrile Gloves - Some Facts

Jun 7, 2008
Nitrile gloves are very similar to latex gloves as they have also been made from synthetic latex, but do not actually contain the proteins that latex ones have. These types of gloves are far more durable than other gloves being used as protective wear and are resistant not only to being punctured but tearing as well. The Nitrile glove is in fact three times as strong as traditional rubber gloves and are also resistant to many chemicals that are used in medical and industrial environments as well as in the home.

Unlike latex gloves, Nitrile ones are very easy to put on as they are far less resistant to friction. The gloves are extremely popular with medical professionals as they are also very flexible. When you are thinking about buying gloves such as these then are a few things that you will need to take into consideration first.

One of the first things you have to take into consideration is how much protection you want from the gloves. Then you next need to look at the quality of the gloves and the way in which they have been manufactured. Also when buying Nitrile gloves you need to think about the possibility of them causing some kind of allergic reaction when being worn.

When Nitrile gloves are being manufactured they will be provided with a grading. It is the number which will tell you exactly just how protective the gloves are. The grading provided on these gloves in relation to protective qualities is from one to three, which three being the highest and best protective glove you can have. The highest grade Nitrile gloves are used in by those who work in high risk jobs such as those who work in emergency medical practices or when operations take place.

However, there are Nitrile gloves that one can use at home and these are of a far less superior quality than those used by medical professionals. However, they still offer your hands good protection no matter what task you are doing. Wear these kinds of gloves around the home when you are doing tasks such as painting or cleaning drains.

All Nitrile gloves have inside them cornstarch which further helps to make the process of actually putting them on much easier. As well as them coming in a variety of different sizes so that they fit all hands. You can either purchase them from extra small to extra large sizes and there are differences also in the thickness of the gloves as well. Plus they can also be made in a number of different textures so you are sure to find a pair that meet your own particular requirements perfectly.

But in order for you to determine which size of Nitrile gloves you need you need to find out what your hand circumference is in inches. To do this you need to take a tape measure and then measure across the widest part of the hand. This would be from the base of your thumb over the over side of your palm.

It is important that in order for your Nitrile gloves to last they need to be stored correctly. At no time should they be left in a place where they are likely to be near lots of heat or in front of lots of light. Unfortunately gloves which are left in positions where there is lots of light and heat will disintegrate very quickly.
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There are a range of gloves available to buy at internet shops but SemperGuard Nitrile Gloves are one of the most popular. But there are other ranges of industrial gloves that have commercial and home uses.
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