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Some Useful PPC Management Strategies

Jun 7, 2008
With pay per click (PPC) advertising, you will likely need every trick in your bag to stay ahead of the competition. As the PPC landscape has become increasingly competitive, it is becoming harder than ever to run cost-efficient campaigns within saturated markets. But utilizing some of the following bid management strategies will help you gain the edge back on your competition.

First, don't outbid your own budget. Just because there is a bidding war going on doesn't mean you have to get caught up in it. Remember that if you spend more to get customers than the profit you earn by converting them on the backend, your entire campaign is not only a waste of time, it's actually a waste of money also. It is much better to have fewer clicks and get them at a price where you can achieve ROI (return on investment) then to get caught up in a bidding war you can't win. Plus, with fluctuations in the PPC market, just try to ride the low waves, and avoid the high waves.

The next bid management technique you should take into consideration is never bidding for the top spot. All too often, people want to feel the thrill of seeing their ad up there on the top spot of SERPs. But this is not financially realistic for most campaigns, and is a quick way to chisel away a good chunk of your margins. You need to let your ad sell your product or service, not the placement of your ad. Plus, consider that many people click on the top spot much more readily than the eighth spot. This means that you will be getting clicks from people who have no intent to purchase your product or service. Now you are playing a high price for low-quality leads, a double whammy. If you pay money for a click, you want that prospective customer to genuinely be interested in what you have to offer.

There is another technique called bid jamming that you may consider utilizing. This calls for you to "jam" the bid of your competitor by bidding one cent less than their bid. Because a PPC service operates in the same way as an online auction site, you only pay one cent more than your closest competitor - not your actual bid. So if your competitor bids .49 per click and you bid .32 per click, your competitor pays .33 per click to hold the top spot. By bidding .48 per click, you can force them to pay full price for their bids.

These are a few simple pay per click bid management techniques that you can use in order to gain a competitive advantage in your PPC advertising campaign. Use a little patience, and you will place smarter and more effective bids.
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