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Don't Put All Of Your Leads in One Basket

Jun 7, 2008
Any business owner will tell you that all business has seasonal ups and downs. Some months will bring brisker business than others; demand of one product will rise at certain times of year, others at other times of the year.

This rule is true not only of demand for products, but for sourcing leads also. You may see a bump in interest in a given month, perhaps as a result of word of mouth while in other months responses may come from a print advertisement. It's never the same from month to month.

The marketing pros advise that all businesses diversify their methods of marketing and advertising. This is the only way to make sure that new leads continue coming in from every direction meaning that if one source of leads starts performing poorly for a while, there are still many leads coming in form other sources.

However, it should be noted that marketing professionals also advise not spreading your campaign too far and wide. If you have your marketing campaign all over the place it can become difficult to keep a handle on your ads and know which ones are making the biggest impact on your target demographic.

You can always test your advertisements first to help determine whether a particular venue is right for your campaign and a worthwhile use of your advertising dollars. If you know where your ads will do your business the most good, you can make the most of your marketing budget.

There's a lot of different ways to get your marketing message out there. On the web, you can use pay per click ads, article marketing, buying advertising space on a website, even free marketing efforts such as social networking sites can come into play.

In the non-virtual world, there are of course print ads in magazines and newspapers, billboards, radio spots, flyers and of course word of mouth from satisfied customers. You may also choose to buy leads there are many companies who sell various mailing lists.

What works for one company may not garner the best results for another. Some will choose to run print ads in combination with social networking; others will buy pay per click ads and put up flyers. With some fine tuning, you'll find the mix of marketing techniques that gets results for your business.

No one is going to tell you that it's fun, but testing out varied advertising strategies and keeping track of the results is the only way to find that optimal mix of ad techniques. An ad tracker service can help you, so can linking ads to different websites and watching the traffic to each site.

If you have it in the budget, you can hire someone to take care of these tasks for you. These people are known as virtual assistants and this can save you a lot of time. However, you may be able to get someone to help you in this area by bartering using your product or service instead.

With some diligent testing and research, you'll find the best campaign for your business.
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