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2 Block Formula to Put Your Website Traffic On Steroids

Aug 17, 2007
Are you ready to market your product and services on the net?

You have finally created a powerful sales pulling website with sizzling copy, powerful graphics and now you are waiting for customers to crawl into your website. Am I right?

You will soon realize that things are NOT that simple. Creating a website with hot selling product is just one part of this ebiz game.

You have yet to master part 2, that is traffic generation and web advertising which is unfortunately the MOST important step of doing business on the net.

Your website without traffic is just like a shop in a desert where even birds donot pay a visit.

So make sure you pull up your sleeves and do something right now, study some of the best internet advertising strategies that will sky rocket your profits through the roof.

In this article you will discover 2 extremely important internet advertising tactics that almost every internet marketer jumps to once they have launched their product.

These advertising tactics will help you to test your website conversion ratio and give you your website profit numbers with which you can play around.

So here are 2 block formula that will get you truckloads of visitors, leads and sales to your website starting today...

Block 1 - Pay Per Click Advertising.

Two of the most popular ppc advertising sites are...

1. Google Adwords at adwords.google.com and

2. Yahoo Search Marketing at www.overture.com

You have to bid on targeted keywords on these pay per click search engines and accordingly your ads will get ranked.

Many pay per click search engines like overture will give you higher ranking if you bid more than your competitor.

But google adwords will rank your ad based on your ad click through ratio ( that is the percentage of clicks that your ad generates with respect to ad impressions ) and your keyword bidding.

To succeed in pay per click advertising these are the 5 most important steps that you have to follow...

Step 1 - Select a huge list of targeted keywords.

Step 2 - Group your similar keywords and create tightly focus ad groups.

Step 3 - Create different targeted ads for different ad groups.

Step 4 - Create seperate landing pages for each ad groups.

Step 5 - Test everything. Right from keywords, ads, landing pages, website conversion ratio, ROI ( Return On Investment ), sales conversion ratio, lead conversion ratio and alot more.

If you follow these 5 simple steps you are sure enough to get customers flocking to your site purchasing your products.

Block 2 - Ezine Advertising.

Ezine publishers send out ezines and newsletters to their list on regular basis with quality information.

Ezines have very targeted group of subscribers and some of them have a list of thousands of subscribers.

Now it is your turn to purchase cheap ads in ezines and get your site in front of thousands of targeted prospects.

Just signup as a subscriber with few quality ezines in your niche. Check out their issue.

If you personally feel that these ezines are professional, provides quality information, has some good subscriber base, then you can place tiny classified ads in ezines and get visitors crawling all over your website.

Ezine ads is also one of the most powerful internet advertising strategy that produces high conversion ratio.

You can instantly test ads and your website conversion ratio using the above 2 website promotion tactics.

Therefore I would urge you to get a bit serious and start your education in the following 2 areas to promote your website, you will be glad you did.
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