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Buzz Marketing - Understanding The Expectations And Culture Of Your Potential Customer Base

Jun 7, 2008
Buzz Marketing requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mannerisms, expectations, and culture of your potential customer base. Pursuing the creation of buzz marketing campaigns requires the rapid generation of themed content and materials that will penetrate the collective conscious of your audience.

Once your web site or websites become part of an overall marketing phenomenon, you can rely on a short-term surge in web site traffic and customer interest so long as the 'buzz' continues to roll.

A marketing 'buzz' relates to the rapid proliferation of interest amongst a customer base regarding a particular genre or meme. When customers feel enfranchised by a buzz, relating your product or service to it can generate considerable interest and/or revenue.

However, finding a legitimate association and marketing it effectively takes creativity and ingenuity.

First, you will need to research the origination and nature of the 'buzz' you wish to pursue. If it is directly correlated or related to your business, it should be very easy to find a way to link your new buzz marketing campaign to the overarching phenomenon.

If the 'buzz' surrounds a method of video production, web site production, or sound production, you can simply factor this method into your new campaign in order to generate new interest.

When the 'buzz' relates to a cultural phenomenon or national event, you can expect a certain level of skepticism to manifest itself amongst your audience if your presentation is only loosely related.

Take heed to generate a plan of action that creates marketing materials with a genuine association to the buzz. Otherwise, you may experience a backlash from your consumers or fail to maximize and increase your results.

In addition, buzz marketing is usually oriented into the short-term of your customers conscious. Always make sure your campaign does not over-extend itself and last longer than the level of interest generated by the buzz.

Instituting the campaign during the peak periods of buzz interest and then gracefully bowing out of the market of ideas before your competitors clue-in to the buzzs descent can make all the difference in your level of success.

Buzz marketing is a new and effective way to attach your web site to a wider phenomenon. Start brainstorming effective buzz marketing methods today. Whatever you do, make sure that your visitors have an easy way of 'telling their friends' as this is the quickest way of creating a buzz.
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Allen Jesson is a word of mouth marketing expert and has developed a new tell a friend application that dramatically increases the viral marketing appeal of any web-site. Allen Specializes in all aspects of internet marketing
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