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Giving Your Site Authority With Back Links And Creative Marketing

Jun 7, 2008
Many people want as much exposure as they can get for their site, but few are willing to really dig in and do the footwork required in gaining that attention. Even though your site may be ranking well with the use of inbound links, in order to keep to your sites backlinks looking human and natural there are a few things you should do to reinforce your site's linking efforts.

One of the easiest tricks is to set up a free blog on one of the popular blog providers and post regular articles. It is a good idea to create the site with relevance to your real site. You don't have to spend a lot time coming up with original content, it's quite easy to use free available on the web content mixed in with some original articles. After the site has been up for a while then create a link to your site. Keep in mind that you need to make this blog site appear completely unique and that is has no direct connection to you or your real website. Another powerful trick used is to look for a popular topic that relates to your real site and post adversarial articles to lure and entice readers to link to your blog and post comments. This is a subtle trick that adds legitimacy to your blog site and aids in making it an authority.

Another good idea is to get your family and friends involved in the blog site by letting them post their own articles. This networking approach has a spill over effect that will help bring in others to the blog site, but please remember that the focus of this site is build trust and authority to be used in the promotion and protection of your real site and its incoming paid links.

If you live in a small city or town, you may ask the local chamber of commerce to link to your site, or maybe a local non-profit organization. These types of sites have valuable site trust and authority and will help strengthen your sites position on the SERPs.

Another solid source of authority can be found at your local city college. Find out who runs the college website and blogs and build a relationship with them through either a mutual interest, or simply inquire if you can purchase a link ad from their site to yours.

There are many more possibilities to building your site's authority on the SERPs, be flexible and spend time looking at what other sites are doing, and try to think outside the normal SEO channels and always be creative!
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