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A Review of the Blessed Hope Communications Income Opportunity

Jun 7, 2008
When you think of a long distance carrier for the phone, does Blessed Hope Communications come to mind? President and CEO of Blessed Hope Communications gets this question tossed to him a few hundred times every month.

Blessed Hope Communications has been saving people money on their long distance phone bills since 1998. They offer their brand of service with pre-paid phone cards and cellular phone service, as well.

The company is owned by a father and son team. They want to stay that way and have no dreams of being just another Fortune 500 company.

Bob and Al Ulrich built Blessed Hope Communications from scratch by helping Christian churches and ministries save hard cash on their phone bills. Today, they still give a portion of the company's profits over to Christian charities.

With over one thousand Blessed Hope Communications agents, this company's efforts are reaching into every corner of the US. One by one, people are realizing that this long distance company can save them money on their long distance service.

Bob Ulrich is the president of Blessed Hope Communications. Bob has been in the Christian ministry for over 14 years. He would like everyone of his subscribers to know they can sleep better at night knowing they have the support of a company that is committed to God's work.

The services Blessed Hope Communications offers are the cheapest rates available in the industry for wireless or landline service. Their pre-paid cards let you make all the calls you want for only 3.9 cents per minute!

Blessed Hope Communications is a Christian based business. There are opportunities available to becoming an agent with the company but it is through referral only. Word of mouth still means something in todays world.

When promoting this opportunity you need to make sure that you have someone solid as your upline. You can find out how qualified they are by sending them an email and asking them a few questions such as:

1.) Do you offer weekly training calls

2.) Would you be available to myself and my upline for 3-way calls when I'm ready to bring someone in.

3.) Does the company itself have conventions or some type of yearly gathering to build team morale.

4.) Do you have experience is video, audio, email, article marketing and do you have any experience in the content networks.

With everything on the Internet moving to audio and video, it's something that can't be overlooked like before. The other methods of promoting are rapidly becoming "old school", and it will be very tough to build a business without learning some of these new methodologies.

You would be hard put to find another long distance carrier like Blessed Hope Communications. They are unique, very straight forward and simple. They offer no discounts to their service because they are that cheap and affordable.

Blessed Hope has testimonials on their website, should anyone question their integrity, testifying to the company's brand of service that can't be touched by any of it's competitors in this industry.

Anyone looking for better long distance rates from the service they now have might want to look over Blessed Hope Communications as their next choice.
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