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Will I Really Get Paid For Surveys Online?

Jun 7, 2008
This is a question many people ask in filling online surveys, and the answer to this is an affirmative one. There are many companies that need to find out what their customers want and prefer, so that they can make modifications to their product to meet the needs of their customers.

The secret to maximum earnings from surveys online is to find the right companies offering the best payments for filling out online surveys, and can be trusted to pay you. Make sure you check out the company before you actually sign up with them.

Read the privacy policy before joining a company

Read its privacy policy and their terms of use to ensure that your email address is not sold to every company they can sell your email id to. Also read their frequently asked questions to ensure that the company offers whatever they claim.

It is better to create a new email account before signing up for surveys online, to cater only for your paid survey emails. This makes it easier for you to locate invitations from different survey sites and to keep track of companies that send only junk mail to you.

Find out the payment options of the company

Find out how the company pays you for filling surveys online; some companies pay with prizes and others, with cash. If they pay cash, find out more about their payment methods; if they pay with checks, Pay Pal or have some other alternative. If they pay by bank draft, it is better to forget the company.

Find out if the company has a minimum amount that has to be reached before you will be sent your payment. If so, ensure that this minimum amount is not so high. Too high minimum amounts will lead to slim chances of your being paid for filling surveys online.

You have to be eligible for filling out surveys online

Make sure you are eligible for filling out surveys online for the company as some sites require that you be over 18 years of age while some sites only let a single person from a household to have an account with the company. So go through the entire site before you sign up, to ensure that you do not have much problems filling out surveys online.

It is better to ask friends who complete online surveys about the best surveys around. This way, you can join the right market research companies and know which companies to avoid. Also ensure that the company provides participation in your country as some companies only permit participation from people of their own country.

Fill out as many surveys as possible to build a good impression

If you wonder how much you can actually earn by participating in surveys online, legitimate companies usually pay up to $25 for a survey while average surveys pay between $2 to $10.

On joining a company, you have to develop a good impression and confidence about yourself so that the company will give you more surveys online to fill up.

Though you may not receive payment for the first few surveys you fill out; the more surveys you fill out, the increase in confidence the company develops in you for completing their surveys online.

Though you will be paid for filling surveys online, remember that you will not get rich immediately. However, you will earn money as a side income source with surveys online which will pay you off over time.
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