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The Successful Marketer Knows How to Use Video

Jun 7, 2008
Do you know how to get more viewers, listeners and visitors to your website? You need video to discover how video article marketing can get you endless waves of free traffic.

Up until couple of years ago, video marketing it was out of reach for the most small business Netpreneurs. In todays highly competitive Internet, with the right talent and a desire to succeed, you have a shot at being a "video marketer" for 1/10th or 1/20th of the cost. A whole new creative world has opened up, thanks to the arrival of several new consumer technologies like high-quality and low-priced digital video, powerful desktop PCs, inexpensive and easy-to-use video editing software plus a new distribution channel on the Internet.

And as T1, broadband DSL and cable modem access increase, so will the audience for digital video on the Net. In addition to the Internet, numerous new devices and appliances are already or it will be available to distribute your own video presentations. Despite of today's technological limitations, no matter what you'll say, a video presentation will immediately grabs attention! Video presentations are perceived as an invitation to something special, because visitors know that businesses add to them a perceived value. So here is a guideline to add a video marketing strategy to your web site!

An online video presentation is a precise tool to deliver your marketing message to the right audience. Small or medium businesses owners, as the big "gorillas", should carefully weigh the option of implementing video as part of their online or offline marketing strategy. Video is the technology of today, whatever is used on the Internet, or simply delivered on CD-ROM's, DVD's or other technology platforms.

As a tool for achieving higher internet profits, a video presentation just can't be beat. Video marketing offers a way to deliver your marketing message with a higher power and impact comparing to other traditional strategies, and is focused right to your marketplace, with a highly cost-effective rate. Video marketing could be very well the answer to your marketing and advertising goals.

This year video on the web will become extremely popular. New online video services, tools, portable media devices, will rapidly appear on the Internet scene. All the ingredients that would allow small and medium-sized web site owners to adopt and leverage video publishing are now in place. PCs with Windows installed are generally using Window Media Files. Macintosh users are more happy to use Quicktime movies. But if you make all your videos as Quicktime, the chances are that your Window users won't be able to view them. MPEG files are also great, but older versions of Windows Media Player won't like them at all.

So as long as you format your videos in a file that most computers can identify you are well on your way to online success. People love video and video is here to stay. You company, product or service has the greatest opportunity to get the message out as video has the greatest appeal to the greatest amount of customers.
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