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Are We Too Serious in Our Network Marketing?

Jun 7, 2008
Sometimes you go through things you would rather not. You wish you were miles and miles away from it. That you had never taken that path. That you had not made those decisions. And you wish you could turn back the clock to well before that fateful choice.

And yet suddenly that can produce your greatest breakthrough.

For some reason it is like we need to go through these things in order to get to the next stage.

If everything is comfortable we do not move on. It is easier staying comfortable.

But life is all about change and moving beyond where we are to the next stage.

Wallace D. Wattles in his great little book "The Science of Getting Rich" mentions how if we want to get to a new level of earning such as a promotion or a new area to earn money in, we need to expand ourselves beyond where we are now, or add more value to the position we are in. By doing so we automatically get promoted to the next or new level.

But in doing so we can at times get ourselves in positions that feel painful.

The money suddenly gets tighter as we have tried expanding faster than we had the resources to grow. Or we commit ourselves to some training or travel that will stretch our credit facilities. And then we have to pay it back. And may find this a bigger stretch than we wanted.

Then the questions come.

Should I have done this? Am I on the right path? Am I wasting my time?

Well something like this happened to me in recent days. And I was getting somewhat uptight at the way things were working. People and circumstances seemed to be so unreasonable. Like Murphy's Law, everything that could possibly go wrong was doing so at the same time. And it was getting painful.

What was the point of all this? Why did this have to happen?

From a mindset perspective I knew better than this.

Focusing on negative experiences and thoughts only produces more of the same. My focus being on the problems sees only more of them. And then my attitude changes and the responses I am getting to other people heads down the same way.

I needed to focus on the good things that were around me. There are always huge numbers if we can get our eyes on to them. Or to look out for things I could be grateful for. But this seemed a more difficult task than usual.

And then it struck me. Something that I had heard about quite a number of high earning entrepreneurs, billionaires and the like. They did not need the money to keep doing what they did. They had more than enough. What kept them going?

It was the fun of the game - the trading, the building, proving a system, the interactions. Whatever their area, it was the fun of doing it.

And suddenly it occurred to me that was how I should be treating things. Not just the situation I was in. But also my regular work and my network marketing mlm business.

Is this a reasonable way to go?

I had always been serious (with a touch of fun and light banter) in my regular business and my network marketing. After all these were serious businesses about serious things. One in medicine and the other in a huge business that was making serious money and was endorsed by big business leaders. So I should be serious about these things.

But was it getting me where I wanted to go as fast as I wanted it to?

And I realised suddenly that treating these things as a game was going to be so much more liberating. Sure these were serious businesses. But so were the ones these billionaires were running. But it was not the core of who each of them was.

Richard Branson, when asked how he could be so non-stressed resting on his Necker Island while countless businesses he oversaw were constantly requiring many decisions and could go through repeated crises, said that he could lose a business or all of his businesses but that was not the most important thing to him. His family and person were of much more value. And they were the only things he would get concerned about!

If he can adopt that attitude, cannot we in our regular and mlm businesses?

Would it be valid to do so?

Well I took a look at that approach and have decided it is so much more liberating to come from that position.

Consider asking people to look at your network marketing opportunity. If you have to be so serious about it, it makes the people you are talking to serious, which makes them more defensive often.

Turning it into a game where you are out having fun, people catch the energy and vibration of that and lower their guard. And to invite people to have a look at a game you are playing is much less threatening than to invite them to look at a business.

And if they see it as a game they find it easier to talk to their friends about seeing it. The infectious energy of a game transmits well.

And are we lessening the value by doing so?

Well, why did we chose to get into network marketing anyway? Was it not to have time and money? So why not start right at the outset with this attitude? That of freedom and fun? And those who join us will have the same attitude. Growth with fun is much more enjoyable than slower growth with seriousness.

And, as with the billionaires, it is all a game anyway. We learn the rules as we go along. And we have fun learning the way to play it best.

Who's for having fun?
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